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    WTS> LVL 30 League of legends EU WEST ACC

    I am selling my account as i have grew bored.
    EU West Server


    I own all champs except, Gragas, Dr Mundo, Garen,Galio,Malzahar,Shen,Skarner,and Zilean.
    I own 64 Champions.


    Akali: Nurse Akali+Bloodmoon Akali
    Anivia: Hextech Anivia
    Annie: Reverse Annie
    Ashe : Frejlord Ashe+Amythst Ashe
    Evelynn: Shadow Evelynn
    Fiddlesticks : Surprise Party Fiddlesticks
    Fiora :
    Irelia : NightBlade Irelia
    Jarvan IV: Darkforge Jarvan
    Jax: Temple Jax
    Kassadin : Deep One Kassadin
    Katarina: Sandstorm Katarina
    Kayle: Viridian Kayle + Judgment Kayle (free gift from season 1).
    Kog Maw:Lion Dance Kog Maw (His Ultimate Skin)
    Leblanc: Mistletoe Leblanc (limited edition)
    Leona: Valkryie Leona
    Malphite: Obsidian Malphite
    Maokai: Totemic Maokai
    Master Yi: Chosen Master Yi+Ionia Master Yi+ Headhunter Master Yi
    Miss Fortune: Cowgirl Miss Fortune
    Nidalee: Leopard Nidalee
    Nocturne: Void Nocturne
    Olaf: Forsaken Olaf
    Rammus: Chrome Rammus
    Riven: Crimson Elite Riven
    Sivir: Spectacular Sivir+Bandit Sivir
    Sona: Guqin Sona (Limited Edition)
    Teemo: Cottontail Teemo (Limited edition)
    Tristana: Buccaneer Tristana + If you like the League of Legends Facebook Page you will receive Riot Girl Tristana for free=)
    Vayne: Aristocrat Vayne
    Volibear: I own his skin package = ThunderLord Volibear+Northern Storm Volibear
    Yorrick: Undertaker Yorrick.

    So i own around 40 Skins which is a decent amount.

    Account Record

    Won 540 Games
    I am level 30 summoner


    I own ALOT of runes.
    Marks - armor pen,as,ad,magic pen,crit chance,armor all x9
    Seals- AS,armor,mana regen per 5 sec. all x9
    Glyphs- MR,AP x9
    Quintessence- Crit Chance,AP,Armor Pen,Magic Resist,AD,AS all x3

    I havent played much since season 1 so i have only 18 Games played in ranked, i have won 12 and lost 6.
    If your interested in this account send me an offer via my email - [email protected] i accept $$ or runescape gold/accounts
    Or you can find me on Skype arran.harvey
    I currently have 4885IP and 249RP - My IP will be considerably highly as i will be playing before i quit

    EDIT- I have the New champion Nautilus. And Morganas Skin 'Sinful Succulence, And the new champions Fiora including her 'Nightraven Fiora' skin



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