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    Age of Conan: 2 loaded accounts on the new Blood and Glory PvP (US) server

    *EDIT* This is a WTS thread. I accidentally placed a WTT tag.

    2 separate accounts. Both on the Deathwish server on the new Blood and Glory ruleset.

    Incase you haven't kept tabs with the new ruleset, some key highlights are:

    - PvP enabled areas in every zone except for the 3 major cities.
    - No Guards in any towns or questing hubs
    - No Bori on the server
    - No character transfers or 2nd character slot allowed for this server.

    This server has been out for 2 months.

    On to the details:

    Account 1:
    80 Demonologist: PvP Level 5
    - 5/5 Bindings of the Skylord / 5/5 Decisive Strikes / 4/5 Etheral Escape (nearly at 5/5) / 4/5 Ring of Fire / 4/5 Pressing Strikes / 2/5 - 3/5 on all passive resists / 2/5 Cacodemon / 2/5 Renegotiation
    - Fully epic'd out in PvP level 3-5 epics including 3 pieces of the pvp tier 2 armor
    - PvP5 epic staff, dagger and talisman.
    - Tier 2 epic dagger, talisman, and chest. Black Dragon Cloak.
    - PvP3 epic ring, Milestone epic ring.
    - Brittle Blade rank 4 epic chest. Scarlet Circle dungeon epic legs
    - Scarlet Circle rank 4 epic wrists and boots.
    - Epic tiger mount, and Tarpani horse mount.
    - 120 rare trophies
    - 600+ MoA's
    - Faction Rank 4 in Scarlet Circle, Brittle Blade, Wolves of the Steppes, Yellow Priests. Rank 3 in Scholars
    - Maxxed out gathering professions
    - Tons of extras such as: Resources, Potions, and items in the bank
    - Comes with 25 gold

    Account 2:
    80 Conquerer: PvP Level 2
    - One Last Push, Resolve, Forced Engage, 4/5 Elusive Nature, 4/5 Chromatic Warding (Almost 5/5), 2/5 Decisive Strikes, 3/5-4/5 on all passive resists.
    - This toon was intended on being mainly a pve tank for Khitai and the newly released expansion zone. With the gear and aa's i've acquired, he does his role very well. Fully geared out in Khitai epics including: Last Legion epic chest and helmet. Last Legion epic legs, Wolves epic legs, Tamarian Tigers epic legs, Wolves rank 4 epic wrists and boots. Brittle Blade rank 4 epic ring, Scarlet Circle rank 4 epic cloak.
    - Variety of 2h and 1h edges and blunt weapons for PvE tanking and DPS.
    - PvP5 epic 2h Edge and 2x 1h Edge weapons.
    - Full PvP tier 1 suit including epic helmet, chest, legs, and accessories.
    - Epic tiger mount.
    - 100+ Rare Trophies
    - 1,500+ MoA's
    - Faction Rank 4 with: Scarlet Circle, Brittle Blade, Wolves of the Steppes. Rank 2 with: Yellow Priests, Scholars.
    - Tons of extra resources and gear and potions in the bank
    - Comes with 20 gold

    Please PM or reply here if interested.

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