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    Originally Posted by Atticusxen View Post
    This guy is legit as hell. I literally logged on and added him on Skype, he added me back in 1 minute, and we started the run in 15! Definitely will be running again.
    Originally Posted by SK3_Flip View Post
    Vouch ++++++
    Really good service, inside of 50 minutes the 1-60 was finished.
    Thanks again man!
    Originally Posted by Spudy View Post
    Awesome service very nice guy, gave a free diablo kill as well as soon as we hit 60!
    Originally Posted by tehpud View Post
    Status: Completed

    Getting crusader 1-60, so far seems like a solid guy.

    Fast, smooth and awesome dude. thanks!
    Originally Posted by Terronis View Post
    Did an order for me last night, took about an hour. Would recommend.
    Originally Posted by Atticusxen View Post
    Ive ran literally 4 characters with this dude and he is nothing but legit. Amazing service, and extremely fast!
    Originally Posted by d00dz View Post
    Just finished a run from 1-70 in about just a little less than 2 hours. Awesome guy and would recommend him!
    Originally Posted by Leetjerk View Post
    Fastest method I've seen yet, bought 60-70, good guy
    Originally Posted by tiaxx View Post
    Bought 1-70 package and got what i ordered in about 30\40 mins. So 5*service!
    Originally Posted by makasante View Post
    Completed straight away, added me right away on skype and was 70 within half an hour.
    Great guy
    Originally Posted by Idah View Post
    Ended up purchasing from him again two more characters and they were both really fast and easier than before and before was great as well, if you are looking for someone thats a great power leveler this guy is the one you should go with.
    Originally Posted by acronym22 View Post
    great service, purchased twice now, first 1-60 took 21mins! second incoming
    Originally Posted by HugeNjpana View Post
    Talking to you now on skype, leveled 1 char before, leveling 2 now! Always the best and fastest on this side of the west. A++++++++
    Originally Posted by speed1988 View Post
    Got characters power leveled, very fast, very efficient and extremely friendly. I HIGHLY recommend!
    Originally Posted by ManhManh View Post
    Great guy, got me what i needed and a little extra thanks
    Originally Posted by Oats123 View Post
    quick and painless. would recommend!!
    Originally Posted by Itzgankstah View Post
    awesome service
    Originally Posted by Ghandi12 View Post
    Awesome service,quick and reliable. Thanks!!
    Originally Posted by Geewiz View Post

    will do services again!!!!! a++++
    Originally Posted by Meatphone View Post
    Quick and courteous, very streamlined, and comfortably boring. 10/10 would use again! Thanks a bunch man!
    Originally Posted by Decaed View Post
    Super quick and painless. Very professional and courteous! 10/10 will use again!
    Originally Posted by shout2456 View Post
    Made an account just to vouch for this guy!

    Did 1-70 and 60-70 on two characters in under an hour. Super easy instructions and very nice to deal with. A+ service would use again.
    Originally Posted by dorseylol View Post
    Did 1-70 Super freaking quick!!! would recommend for everyone!!!
    Originally Posted by Swings View Post
    These guys are the best
    I ordered 1-70!
    Quick and Cheap
    Originally Posted by noname21001 View Post
    Awesome Trade, very fast and friendly, see you next time!
    Originally Posted by naeva View Post
    did it on eu, 14 to 70 - very nice guys - thanks again
    Originally Posted by maoyue2004 View Post
    I have 6 of my characters (two monks and four deamon hunters) leveled to 60 with this guy. It works perfectly each time.
    Originally Posted by nikanj View Post
    I was contacted within minutes and was leveled from 1-70 is about in hour. Excellent service. Highly recommended.
    Originally Posted by Lawlyouqt View Post
    Just did a 1-70 and it was really quick. Would definitely use the service again.
    Originally Posted by Jinmaru View Post
    Did 1-70 plvl a while ago, was under 1 hr. Good service and reasonable
    Originally Posted by JustJaaayy View Post
    I used this guy once, it was quick and clean, I highly recommend him and will be using him again!
    Originally Posted by zengxi_sh View Post
    Very good service, I ordered 1.2 mil dps pack, and finished much ealier than the plan, very patient and friendly team, I like them a lot
    Originally Posted by Nanothingy View Post
    1-70 within a small period of time! Would recommend this guy to anyone I know.
    Originally Posted by akefl0328 View Post
    Great service. Will do buisiness with again. Even gave a free run after. Very Legit Def Recommend
    Originally Posted by DiabloFanatic88 View Post
    Bought a 100x torment 6 legendary package. He told me it takes around 3 days but i am shocked at how fast he was able to complete my order. I got all 100 legendaries in under 2 days!

    If you want speed + flexibility and reputed, then you’ve come to the right place. They replied to my Skype chat every single time with no delay and provided all the information needed so it was clear and simple.

    A+++ recommended
    Originally Posted by Leiken99 View Post
    After trying out dps package service from other seller here on OC, i must say nothing comes close to the service this guy offers. They always answer your Skype messages unlike the last guy i purchased from. They also let me play my account whenever i told them i wanted to play it.

    with this guy – you get what you are told, the most important thing to me is customer service and this guy delivers an extraordinary job. I was paragon lvl 83 when he started, now i am paragon level 156.

    I will be ordering again for sure and will refer my friends to his services!
    Originally Posted by Metao View Post
    i bought 100 T6 Legendary farming and they were finished in under 24 hours of play time! amazing service 100% vouch!!!

    they also gave me 10% discount because i am first time buyer, now i have over 50 paragon levels, ton of crafting mats , more gold than i ever wanted and my stash is full of beautiful legendaries

    very good service must try!!
    Originally Posted by lordygar View Post
    Amazing service.. super quick... very professional.. and the guys give you all the time you need to answer questions.. 100% would recommend.
    Originally Posted by UKlootandboost View Post
    This guy is brilliant I was looking for a cheaper service but when I found flaws in what they had to offer this guy was excellent. I paid for 150 legs and 2 x toon boosts. He did me a nice discount but when it came down to the service it was amazing. Such a personal touch and he did things for me that others would have charged for. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a premium boosting solution.
    Originally Posted by 0x55 View Post
    Just purchased the DPS package and the order was delivered in a very fast manner. Your looking at a AAA pro player here, this has been worth every single penny.
    Did I mention that the support is amazing? He is always ready to answer questions. A+ seller.
    Originally Posted by Swiftflight View Post
    One of the best sellers I've ever met! Extremely friendly and fast service. He started working on my order about 15 or so minutes after I initially contacted him on Skype. He kept me updated throughout the whole process and asked me questions concerning if I'd like him to do something for me (such as organize my hideously ugly stash haha). 11/10, would definitely recommend!
    Originally Posted by JohnM28 View Post
    This is one of the best services that I have ever experienced in terms of Diablo. I have browsed many forums for ordering a package of my needs. The DPS package really stood out for me here and I decided to order it.

    D3p was on my account within the hour and began updating me on the progress of the order frequently. I am very impressed! Once finished, he told me everything he has got me. Very satisfied, 10/10 seller!
    Originally Posted by demonhunter4lyfe View Post
    3 days ago I purchased the legendary farming torment 6 package. The order was completed much faster than the advertised time and I received all the legendaries in a record time. Believe me, I have used many Diablo sellers on a multitude of sites, but d3p does it right, and with a great price attached!

    If your looking for speed and a very vouched seller, you've found the right place to order from. 100% recommended.
    Originally Posted by GrzEmo View Post
    Purchased cache runs, done in a timely manner and received a RRoG!
    Originally Posted by victory_silver View Post
    Purchased two 1.2mil dps package and service has been great, quick response everytime & very friendly, he also level me 1-70 for free. Highly reccomend him.
    Originally Posted by bulletzaredeadly View Post
    Well, all finished. I ordered the 1 million package and ended up with almost 1.3 million dps and 6 million toughness. Estimated time was 2-5 days and it was done in just over 1 day. I was left with a very clean inventory and a few extra items in the stash. I am very pleased with the service and would definitely recommend it to anyone. The seller was very good to deal with, and answered immediately in skype if I ever had a question. Thanks!
    Originally Posted by wcshadow View Post
    Used this service twice, once to level my toon 1-70 and then the gear up service, both were done exceptionally fast, leveling done in under an hour and gearing was done in 12 or so hours. Definitely will be buying from him again. Really nice as well offers follow up to make sure you are happy!
    Originally Posted by Shiriwili View Post
    I bought 1 mil dps package!!! It was very faaast!!! I recommend 100%
    Originally Posted by Russell-Anders View Post
    I ordered 3 Characters to be gears with a DPS package. The order was completed in 3 days - an insanely short amount of time - and any progress made was told. I would definitely order from them again for any Diablo 3 needs
    Originally Posted by bahamut0x0 View Post
    I ordered the 800k DPS package, and the order was completed in only 3 hours! Seller is very responsive and prompt. Extremely professional, would definitely recommend A+++!
    Originally Posted by Pinkinson View Post
    Boosted my character from 500k - 1.2m DPS within 36 hours. Fantastic service!
    Originally Posted by Luiz Filipe Medeiros View Post
    Full Review:
    Doing a full review of this service,
    Great Seller and a really nice person I asked for 300 legs and he did more then that he helped me find almost every part of jade build execept boots and delievered a great dps character I went from hard rifts to t5 rifts with no problem, fast deliver and cosntant online chat, with the benefit of helping u out with any specifics u may want.
    5 starts ou of 5 tbh, I cant argue on anything either is it time/ratio of legs, specific gear I might want or anything.
    Thanks for everything D3 I really appreciate your service and modesty.
    Originally Posted by Pinkinson View Post
    Second time using this service, got my WD from sub 70 to facerolling T3 rifts in less than 48 hours. Had a slight issue where some items from stash were mistakenly discarded but they were re-obtained whilst I slept.

    Fantastic and professional yet again.
    Originally Posted by Tigarle View Post
    I ordered a starter package, it only took 2 days and I received an amazing char, these guys did such a great job, I ordered another starter package AAA+ Recomendation
    Originally Posted by Caelir View Post
    Very fast and reliable, less than a day for 1-70+1.1m dps package
    Definitely recommend this guy
    Originally Posted by ZacharyW View Post
    First and Foremost, i would say that their service is top notched.

    Accepted skype request almost immediately and replied my incessant questions again and again.

    Service was done in quick time and exceeding my requests and expectations.

    Trusted! Thanks guys!
    Originally Posted by Noaah View Post
    Added to skype yesterday, instant reply.
    Very helpful, answered alot of questions I had and took the order straight away and started working on it.
    I'll get back with more details after it's done but this seems extremly profesional, highly reccomended

    Edit: Amazing service, amazing result! Couldn't be more happy. Best service I've used
    Originally Posted by unitedblues633 View Post
    The Service was excellent. Ordered 6 set pieces and he GOT IT DONE IN 3 DAYS. Along the way, he farmed tons of top gears for my other characters. Thumb up!!!
    Originally Posted by unitedblues633 View Post
    Originally Posted by unitedblues633 View Post
    Purchased custom order, 8 pieces items and hard to find. He got it done in half of the time. Did i mention tons of other gears he found for me? He and his team are acturally playing the character instead of using bots.
    Thumb Up!
    Originally Posted by MrHalloween View Post
    Great guy great services got me full jade in less than 24 hours simply amazing would recommend for sure
    Originally Posted by selenexo View Post
    i ordered an 800k package, in 1 day the order was complete and i got a 1.2mill dps WD and and 600k wizard!!
    Originally Posted by Tigarle View Post
    Ive used the services of these guys a few times now, the latest being a new WD with the works, and thats what I got, and a bit more, couldnt be happier. They went above and beyond yet again. AAA+

    Originally Posted by tonycdr View Post
    Bought a Witch Doctor pet build package, extremely quick in finding all the gear i needed, got many other legendaries in the process, just told him what budget i had and we worked from there, 5* service would highly recommend and i will definitely be using this service again.
    Originally Posted by Deranged23 View Post
    So far I'm a couple days in and am extremely impressed on the progress that has been made. I am also really happy on the frequent updates given. Fantastic service!

    I was originally quoted for 8-14 days on a very large order and it was complete within 4 days! 5 Star service and everything + more they said was delivered!
    Originally Posted by Loyepop View Post
    Very nice guys bought 1-70 cheap price and was REALLY fast
    Originally Posted by Cornelis View Post
    I did order 130 legs, got a 2 - 5 days timeframe, was done within the 2nd day! Really fast and friendly, will order again when I need something again.
    Originally Posted by Loyepop View Post
    Bought 800k DPS fast and even got more than waht I paid for!
    Originally Posted by duckywho View Post
    hands down best service i have bought for a game, their customer service is amazing and friendly, they got back to me instantly and have about 24/7 chat services that will inform you and keep you updated with your order, i got 2 characters to 70 in under an hour for an amazing price and also 900k dps, would def recommend their services and will 100% be ordering again.
    Originally Posted by Terronis View Post
    Just did 100 legendaries in under 24 hours. Would do business with again.
    Originally Posted by splashi View Post
    Really Great, Thank you!!!
    I've ordered 5 days ago and got my T6 package today, it's really great.
    I've gained over 100 Paragon Levels, lots of crafting goods and 2 stashes full of Legendarys!
    Next time, you can build my wizard (if you want to...)
    Originally Posted by winter999 View Post
    This guys are sure proff.. great service and fast!! and they keep you updated of your char and of cause CHEAP!!! will do business with you guys again!!! Thumbs up+++
    Originally Posted by mateo420x View Post
    I'm very satisfied with service I had. Great contact, always online, updated me often with progress. 5* man
    Originally Posted by Tyrant13 View Post
    Guys are always on spoke with them at 1AM, 6AM, 5 PM and 10 PM. The service was provided ahead of schedule. And most importantly they were able to work with my budget. BEST ALL AROUND 100%. Will be using them again.
    Originally Posted by Opethfeldt View Post
    awesome, professional service. ordered t6 ready monk before patch 2.1, despite how gimped the class was at the time, and server maintenance/ddos. d3pleveling got it done quickly.
    Originally Posted by stephenbai View Post
    This guy was so legit that finish the T6 pack only in 7days!! Love it a lot!!
    Originally Posted by iiiStorm View Post
    Would highly recommend this service, it was finished days before the promised date, and I would not hesitate to come back again for another service
    Originally Posted by diabloaddict12 View Post
    A++ service, Very good quality T6 builds, within couple of days. Very impressive!
    Originally Posted by Scashd View Post
    Just wanted to say I've used these guys to help me level 3 toons from 1-70, and they are absolutely fantastic. Each one has taken less than an hour (i think right around 45 minutes) and they are super friendly and helpful. They answer any and all questions and are just generally pleasant to talk to both in skype and in-game. I'll be using them again for sure, and I recommend you do as well. Thanks for the great service
    Originally Posted by Miro1337 View Post
    Great service!Quick and fast reply, no chinese service here, the language is perfectly understanable and no mistakes where made with my order, got everything i asked for and more, will for sure buy more from this guy, good humor and really nice guy, if u need help/dont got time to play, this is the guy you should ask for.
    Originally Posted by GoobyStacks View Post
    Just did a starter package on my monk class. They were extremely professional and responded to my questions on skype immediately. Got more than I paid for with my monk. In fact im going to buy a T6 ready package with my Demon Hunter. Would recommend!!
    Originally Posted by iivoodoo View Post
    These guys were great and actually finished before their shortest estimated completion time. Would definitely use their services again
    Originally Posted by Lifetaken View Post
    just order 1-70 + 800k dps professional and great Communication deliver as promised and more than that
    recommended A++++
    Originally Posted by GoobyStacks View Post
    Great work on my T6 Demon Hunter Build. I asked them to craft me certain items and they preformed. They also responded to skype very quickly and I am very satisfactory of their service. Would recommend!
    Originally Posted by Nightynor View Post
    Very helpfull and nice guys. Helped my witch doctor true some tier 6 rifts and got my bis gear Responded fast on skype and where always helpfull if i needed/asked anything
    Would deff recommand!
    Originally Posted by Opethfeldt View Post
    these guys dd it again. my t6 order with d3p, this time for my DH. they built me an amazing cold sentry DH that absolutely plows through t6. customer service through skype is top notch. definitely will buy again.
    Originally Posted by Lifetaken View Post
    Ordered t6 ready DH and he deliver it as promised very quick and professional service
    Thank you for This BEAST xD ;p
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