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    ⭐MAJOR update | wide choices | 1 year warranty⭐


    Payment methods:
    Western Union/PayPal/Crypto/Skrill/Payoneer/G2G/Playerauctions/Binance

    Im BoostMaster(Iraklii Zhavoronkov) and Im selling only Destiny 2 accs since 2018. Most of my deals went through Discord, and I never bother clients to post feedback after the deal, here or on any other platform I use.
    Sold more then 3000 Destiny 2 accounts(most of them were high end) during these years. Only very few of those 3000+ deals had issues and I covered it with full money refunds.
    I never buy and resell accs. I work only with my own private community of stronges pve/pvp players around all world.
    During my work I'v got more then enough expirience and can provide best protection to the accounts listed.
    When you buy from me you get:
    1. Top tier account.
    2. Account strongly safe against claimbacks
    3. 1 Year warranty
    4. Full assistance with crossave setup/nickname change.
    5. 24/7 Support
    6. Discounts for future deals like boosting services(only safe methods) or price cuts for future deals(for example if your friend wants to buy account)

    *This warranty covers any account login issues. If you recognized any suspicios activity or you cant login to your previously bought account, report this issue to me and I'll start investigation. After investigation is done I will retrieve full access to the account back to you. If i fail with account restoration i will provide full amount refund. Whole proccess usually takes not more then 72hrs(steam working hours excluded)

    **Payment plans always are individual but usually works in that scenario- We split full amount to partitions. Usually we have to charge 50% amount as initial payment(adjustable/depends on account price). After Initial payment we provide account access- We share account login information and disabling any type of auth security. We discuss payment schedule. Then once we reach 75% of total sum we transfer account ownership to you. Once 100% is done we mark deal as done. Some rules:
    - We do not provide account before payment.
    - We do not allow to change nickname before 50% of payment is done
    - We do not allow to activate crossave before 100% of payment is done.
    -If payment plan exceeds more then 60days(two months) total we have to add extra 200usd on top of the price. This will be continiously added for each 2 months of total payment plan schedule. We have to add this 200 usd difference due to currency rate exchanges as well as market prices changes.
    -When we have scheduled payments it is mandatory to be in contact with me during schedule times. If you for any reason not responding to me during 24 hrs at the day we scheduled the payment we have rights to lock the account and will wait additional 14 days. If you do not contact me withing 14 days we have right to abandon the deal in our favor and claim account with full access back to us and wont provide any refund.
    -We patiently understand situations that may happen but only if you warned us about any delays with the payment during schedule. (better 1-2 days before scheduled payment)
    -NOT all of my accounts available for payment plans, need to discuss it with me.

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    bray.tech/3/4611686018485373323/2305843009410183437/triumphs 4500 usd​
    bray.tech/3/4611686018474611556/2305843010186984124/triumphs 6500 usd​
    bray.tech/3/4611686018468583688/2305843009305216418/collections 2500 usd​
    bray.tech/3/4611686018474865294/2305843009338194515/weeklies/challenges 2200 usd​
    bray.tech/2/4611686018433093359/2305843009261477253/weeklies 4750 usd​
    bray.tech/3/4611686018487792194/2305843009859924749/collections 1000 usd​
    bray.tech/3/4611686018471263260/2305843009309187907/collections 1000 usd​
    bray.tech/3/4611686018529432293/2305843010356454129/collections 1000 usd​
    bray.tech/3/4611686018484311035/2305843009410193894/triumphs 5000 usd​
    bray.tech/3/4611686018484448381/2305843009411624649/collections 7000 usd​
    bray.tech/3/4611686018529624104/2305843010366894274/triumphs 1700 usd​
    bray.tech/3/4611686018502618032/2305843009658404007/triumphs 4000 usd​
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    ⭐MAJOR update | wide choices | 1 year warranty⭐

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