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    -- 🔨 Vanguard Assistant - AIMBOT, ESP & VERY CUSTOMIZABLE🔨 --

    Welcome To Vital Shop

    Currently Selling a Vanguard Assistant

    AIMBOT = activates aimbot/aimlock/aimassist
    AIMKEY = configurable aimkey (mouse 1,2,3,4,..)
    AIMSPOT = aimspot on which the aimbot aims at (Head,Neck,Chest,Stomach,Nutz,Legs)
    AIMFOV = field of view on which the aimbot is scanning for an aimspot
    DRAW AIMFOV = draws visual field of view on which the aimbot is scanning for an aimspot
    AIMSMOOTH = aimbot is working smoothly for a more legit aimbot movement
    AIMDISTANCE = configurable distance range limit at which the aimbot will aim on targets
    AIMVISIBLE = aims only at visible/invisible targets
    AIM PREDICTION = predicts the bulletdrop for long range shots
    AIMVELOCITY = configurable prediction velocity for LMG/AR/SNIPER
    NO RECOIL = recoil control spay effect on your aimbot (RCS)

    BOX ESP = draws a bounding/static/square/ box on players
    BONE/SKELETON ESP = draws bones/skeletons of players
    NAME ESP = draws nicknames on players
    DISTANCE ESP= draws distance to players
    HEALTH ESP = draws health bar on players
    WEAPON ESP = draws active weapons on players
    SNAPLINE ESP = draws snaplines to players position on your screen
    LOOT ESP = draws items and entites on ground
    VEHICLE ESP = draws vehicles on ground
    ENEMY WARNING ESP = shows warning on screen if enemy is in the near
    ENEMY ONLY ESP = ESP on enemies only
    TEAM ONLY ESP = ESP on team only
    VISIBLE ESP = draws visibility of players (changes color if enemy is visible/invisible)
    RANGE ESP = configurable range limit of esp

    INFINITE UAV HACK = reveals the location of players on your radar and map by infinitely pinging UAV
    RADARHACK = shows players on a 2D radar gui
    RADARZOOM = zoom/range on 2D radar gui

    CROSSHAIRHACK = crosshair hack
    CONTROLLER SUPPORT = play with your controller while using the cheat


    1 DAY - 20$
    1 WEEK - 35$
    1 MONTH - 55$
    LIFETIME - 140$

    Join my Discord or Send a Trade Request here!

    [url=https://discord.gg/sUQwmRZV9NVital Shop[/url]
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