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    Selling ark pc pve official dinos and items please contact me here or pm discord

    Discord :- Lilkiller#8265

    [Pc Pve Official]
    Giga Pair 1145% MD
    Ferox Pairs new colors
    X-spinos 1601% MD pair
    Magmasaur Pair clone 402% MD
    Mantis 552% MD Pair
    Gasbag 9180 weight
    Unicorn pair
    Basilosaur 1096% MD
    Ravager pair 1450 Base weight
    Anky 1257% MD
    Full Color Argentavis 2432 Weight
    Full Color Snow Owls
    Managarmr 12.5k HP 3090 stam 1067 %MD Full Colors
    Bloodstalker 508% MD
    Thylacoleo 1587% MD 17.6k HP Full Colors
    Daeodon pair 20 k food
    Abb. Dire Bear 4k HP 496% MD
    Brontosaurus 3.2k weight / 502 MD
    Moschops 640 MD
    Megatheriums 10K HP 702 MD Cotton Candy
    Wooly Rhinos 1002% MD
    Megalosaurus 26k HP 1.2k MD
    Thylacoleo 1275% MD 16k HP
    Doedicurus 595% MD 525 weight
    Deinonychus 1200% MD
    Therizinosaur 17.4K HP 1.6k MD
    Velonasaur 1.3K MD
    Rex 1431% MD
    Rock Drakes Basilisks Golems cloned
    Lvl 1 Giga Females Full color
    Element dust Black Pearl Organic Poly gacha pair
    Yutyrannus HP 12100 stam 2772
    Blueprints Tek/Metal Structures Bases For more info pm please !!

    CONTACT Discord :- Lilkiller#8265

    Please Pm me for More Information Discord :- Lilkiller#8265
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