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    Arcanus R6S League Cheat | Aim Assist/ESP | Private/Slotted | 1 year UD | $100/month

    Introducing Arcanus R6S. A R6S Private and Slotted cheat.

    A fully Legit, League-based cheat, created for Streamers and Competitive players.


    Windows 7, 8, 10 - All versions

    Intel & AMD compatible

    DirectX & Vulkan compatible

    Steam & Ubisoft compatible


    After competing Semi-Professionally in multiple FPS games, we built this cheat on the backbones of what could have carried us to becoming true Professional players.

    Made for Experienced players, our Assists are limited to "legit" settings only. Other than our ESP, this cheat does not have any rage features.

    Everything has been designed for complete stealth & humanized to mimic real human mouse input. Incredibly Subtle to the Human eye, yet extremely Powerful for the user.

    Arcanus is here to give you the edge needed to dominate your competition, all while keeping you completely safe in the process.


    Fully customizable to suit your needs, our Aim Assist will give you the edge needed to dominate your competition,
    all while keeping you completely safe in the process.

    Humanized in every way possible to mimic real human-mouse input, our Aim Assist is incredibly Subtle to the Human eye, yet incredibly Powerful for the user.

    Customize Strength, FOV, Distance, and Hotkeys to suit your playstyle/aim and give you the edge you require.


    During our testing phase, we streamed our gameplay to 20 skilled users to see if they could notice anything odd going on.

    After winning many games in a row, with great scores, no one knew we were cheating and just thought of us as smurfing/highly-skilled players. The same will go for you.



    Undetected for over a year now, our ESP will show you exactly what you need to win the round.

    Full ESP - Enemies are highlighted & visible through walls, including visible/not visible colors.

    Visible-Only ESP - Enemies will be highlighted if visible, increasing your reaction times with the right colors.

    Customize whether you'd like Full/Visible-Only, Outline Thickness, ESP Max Distance, Visible/Not Visible colors, and Hotkeys.



    Built behind Stealth, our loader can be customized to never pop up again.

    Easily stream/show your R6S launch without any consoles/GUI popping up during the injection process, or in-game.

    Silent Load - No console/GUI will pop up when Loading/Injecting.

    No Visual - All Visuals will be disabled, allowing only Aim to be active.


    We understand that one config file isn't enough.

    Set up 2 different profiles that can be switched using F1 & F2.

    Perfect for creating 2 separate configs for Normal play, and one for Clutch situations.

    Configs can be changed and reloaded mid-game.


    Looking to stream with our software?

    Using our silent load feature, our cheat will automatically load & inject itself into R6S with no consoles or GUI popping up.

    This will allow you to stream your Desktop/full R6S launch to "show" you aren't injecting/using any cheats.

    Using a handcam?

    Great. Our Aim Assist is so subtle that using a handcam will show nothing out of the ordinary.


    Heads up! Our ESP is not Stream-Proof.

    As of right now, we don't believe ESP is something any user should be using on Stream.

    The likelihood of getting away with ESP on stream is very slim for a high majority of users.

    Though, if requested enough by our users, we will consider adding in one.



    You must be Verified before Purchase.

    $100/month, BitCoin only.

    Prices are subject to change once our reputation is solidified. Not all users will be accepted.

    Even though you must Verify yourself, our cheat is also designed for complete anonymity.

    All communication is done either through Wickr or Discord (we ask you create a new account to communicate with us), all chats are deleted,
    and all payments are through bitcoin. Your identity is safe with us.


    Reason for the price:

    - Private, with a max of 30 slots.
    - Cheat & Bypass are completely coded from scratch. Neither will be resold or ever used again.
    - Round the clock, professional support.


    A quick Heads up:

    Understand that you MUST have proper knowledge of maps, know how to pre-aim around head level, game-sense, etc.
    This is not a "rage" cheat that will instantly make you the best player in the world.



    Feel free to add us on Discord: ARCANUSDEVELOPMENTS#5305

    or Direct Message us here for more information.

    We have no other accounts or any resellers!

    Ask us to message you here to validate that we are infact who we state we are!


    Originally Posted by liaokuo View Post
    Although I haven't used it for long enough, I already feel the charm of Aim Assist. I hardly need to use ESP to get a win. Aim Assist is very legit, and ESP is also great. But this cheating is recommended to have a certain basic player to use it will be better
    Originally Posted by Chxaters View Post
    +1 Great provider & assistance when needed. Recommend to any serious R6 players. Undetected thus far but will keep updated if anything changes! Thanks, again!
    Originally Posted by RaymandXD View Post
    +rep Legit seller no issue with the cheat itself so far :feelsgoodman:
    Originally Posted by ilikebacon. View Post
    Can confirm, Raymand has told me how good the cheat is. Makes me interested in getting a month.
    Originally Posted by closetattack View Post
    Friendly developer, quality software, & for a good price
    Originally Posted by WhoDisDini View Post
    Vouch for Arcanus he knows what he is doing HQ Dev. He is always taking care of his customers (awesome Support). Ensures on each Update that the cheat is safe to use.

    ESP 10/10
    - its awesome with multiple setting e.g Only visible, max distance

    AimAssist 10/10
    - I am fascinated can only recommend there AimAssist looks smooth best for people who want to look legit.
    - Accurate and no way enemy can call you out with the correct Crosshair placement.

    Best R6S Cheat I ever used. Security > Features
    Originally Posted by BigCheerioMan View Post
    Massive +Rep for Arcanus. Been using the cheat for just over a week now and its phenomenal! The aim assist is very strong when you use it and I've never been called out by teammates or enemies. The esp is perfect as well! As for arcanus himself he is by far the best dev ive interacted with. He cares about the cheat and makes sure everything is UD! He helped me on the 1st day I purchased in regards to some questions I had getting set up and everything has been working flawlessly since then. This is 100% worth every penny spent!
    Originally Posted by PLEISTOCENE View Post
    Vouch Arcanus
    Aim assist : 10/10
    ESP : 10/10
    Secuirty : Its best
    Im using like 1 week coder realy friendly and cheat realy good if u looking legit and undetected cheat its no 1
    Originally Posted by Binary Coded View Post
    10/10 - HIGHLY recommending the cheat.

    I have been using the cheat for nearly 3 days now and it has been a enjoyable journey so far. I first of all want to talk about the OUTSTANDING support given by the developer himself @ArcanusDev - No matter what kind of issues I encountered he was there and checked it out immediately and fixed everything as I had some "starter" issues which were on my end and not cheat related. Not only was I helped quickly but Arcanus also made sure that everything worked as intended which indeed it did.

    I want to continue with the security and this my dear EPVP'ers is some next level shit. Arcanus is making sure that everything works as intended. DX or Vulkan, everything is being checked and pushed accordingly. If the developer is unsure about something or users are reporting a potential risk it will be checked instantly and disabled IF neccessary. Aim-assist was disabled due to updating when I was first brought in but more to that further below.

    I have mainly been using the ESP as mentioned the Aim-assist was disabled at that time and the ESP is amazing. Outline, vis check, distance - basically everything that can help you alot to identify enemies and give you the ultimate advantage over your opponents.

    Aim-assist: It took me a while to figure it out and Arcanus was extremly patient with me as this cheat is made for EXPERIENCED players and I was simply not experienced enough. I had to test it for a couple of hours to get the grip of it and as it is advertised: It is really really powerful and giving you a MAJOR advantage. I fell in love with it after I finally figured out how damn smooth it is.

    If you are one of the people to be chosen to get access to this, I can gurantee you that you won't regret it and it is worth the money, every single €/$ of it. Just for the support or generally for the way of how Arcanus is maintaining the cheat is worth the 100€.

    Last and least I want to say Arcanus once again is created for experienced players and not for someone who is raging/thinking this will help you aimlocking onto targets etc etc.


    Security - 10/10
    Support - 10/10
    ESP - 10/10
    Aim Assist - 10/10
    Originally Posted by Xianxias View Post
    +1 Hand down best cheat to ever be released, if you are good at the game and need that extra little advantage, get this cheat, no regrets. Don't act sus and you won't be banned.
    Originally Posted by 333zzz View Post
    I've been using it for almost a week, but I'll give you an honest review!

    Aim 11/10
    You can customize it to your liking. It's really smooth and surprisingly powerful.

    ESP 11/10
    There is no word other than perfection.
    Few ESPs have a visual check.
    This ESP is working really perfectly.
    I was completely captivated

    Security ??/10
    I've been using it for a week and I'm not sure about it yet, but I trust it a lot. I have high expectations for the future!

    Support 20/10
    He is a really nice person.
    If I have any problems, I'll get back to you as soon as I'm online.
    And very kind.
    It's one of the best support I've ever met.
    Thank you for this project
    Originally Posted by tytt1234 View Post
    I haven't used it for long enough, but it's really amazing, and the developers are really kind and cool
    Originally Posted by epiclolnot View Post
    10/10 Support and fast responder.
    10/10 aim assist if you choose to use it.
    10/10 esp great and easy to see.
    Dev is chill.
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    Arcanus Developments - ARCANUSDEVELOPMENTS#5305
    Custom coded, League-based Cheats. Open Slots: R6S

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