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    💥🛩️War Thunder Cheats 🛩️ 🔥 - AimBot / Wallhack / ESP / Units / Aeroplane / Misc 🔥

    Masson - Warthunder Cheat. Fully Customizable Aimbot, ESP, Radar and many other epic features.
    Cheat have good visuals features, that will show you all aeroplane, bombs, units, prediction to opponents, and included Stream Proof

    :Windows Supported:

    - EAC Anticheat: Undetected*
    Game Version:
    - Latest
    - Supported Windows: 10 (from 2004-all new) and 11;
    - Run game in Borderless or Window mode;

    • Enabled / Enable aimbot
    • Invert aim pitch / Invert the aiming height (turn it on only if you have "vertical synchronization" enabled in the game settings)
    • Aim key / Set the key for the aimbot to work
    • Aim smooth / Set the aiming speed of the aimbot
    • Aim radius / Set the radius of the aimbot operation
    • Aim step / Aimbot shaking adjustment

    ESP works when opponents are in the spotlight (the mechanics of the game is such that the appearance of a model of enemy equipment and its output to the client's screen is controlled by the server, which receives data from the player's camera from the client: coordinates, viewing angle, direction of view, and the like. The server makes calculations, based on the results of which it determines whether the player can see a particular model of equipment)
    • Enabled / Enable ESP
    • Show radar / Display radar
    • Show units information / Display information about units (example of operation)
    • Bounding box / Display a square (box) on the opponent
    • Show plane speed / Display aircraft speed (enabled by default)
    • Show dormant units / Display the latest received information about the position of the equipment, regardless of the distance to it (works only in air modes)
    • Show vehicle name / Display the name of the technique
    • Show vehicle direction / Display the direction of movement of the equipment
    • Show missiles / Display missiles
    • Show bombs / Display bombs
    • Show bases / Display enemy bases and airfields
    • Show ground units / Display ground equipment
    • Show air units / Display aerial equipment
    • Show bot units / Display bots
    • Prediction marker / Enable a preemption point (planes, tanks, etc.)
    • Prediction spot / Selection of a point to anticipate (tower, hull, etc.)
    • Switch spot key / Set the key to switch the lead target
    • Ignore spotted units / Ignore detected players
    • Ignore team / Ignore team
    • Show bomb sight / Display bomb sight
    • Sight trigger distance / Set the firing distance of the bomb sight
    • Reload indicator / Display enemy cooldown
    • Visibility indicator / Display the "eyes" icon next to the enemy when the target is in sight
    • Air missile warning / Display an aerial missile warning
    • Show distance / Display the distance to the enemy
    • Display distance / Set the display distance of the players

    • Arcade steering mode / Allows you to use arcade control in the simulation mode of the game (on airplanes and helicopters)
    • Show ballistic crosshair / Display the crosshair where the projectile will arrive (tanks only)
    • Unlimited ballistic cross / Removes the limitation on the range of the arcade (ballistic) sight, allowing you to adjust shots at even greater distances
    • Hud aim prediction / Enable the prediction engine of the game itself
    • Hud rocket indicator / Turn on the rocket firing indicator
    • Hud ship indicator / Turn on the ship display indicator
    • Gunner cam from sight / Enable hiding the gunner's camera
    • Vehicle outline on aim / Display a contour around the equipment that is in sight
    • Zoom fov limit / Allows you to set your own value limit on the approach in the scope, allowing you to adjust shots at long distances
    • SB thirdperson / Allows you to activate a third person in simulation battles (the function only works when*You are in the air. When used simultaneously with the "arcade steering mode" function, the control becomes almost like in arcade battles)
      Config System

    • Save cpu / Save CPU resources
    • Move info key / Set the move key of the window with information about units
    • Move radar key / Set the radar move key
    • Load config from clipboard / Load saved settings configuration
    • Save config to clipboard / Save selected settings to clipboard

    💥Graphical user interface:
    • Menu language selection / Menu language selection (available languages: English / Chinese)
    • Save cpu / Save CPU resources
    • Radar size / Set the size of the radar
    • Radar radius / Set the radar radius

    Some features may removed anytime or add back.

    Cheat in game


    1 Day - $7
    7 Days - $30
    30 Days - $60

    Buy on: buyhack.pro/en/products/war-thunder/mason-warthunder

    Instant delivery after purchase to your email!

    If you have questions

    • facebook.com/phrom777 - (Contact me here if you are English speaking user)
    • t.me/buyhackpro - Our telegram channel with all latest news | t.me/buyhackphrom - Contact me here if you have any questions
    • Phrom8153
    • steamcommunity.com/id/Phrommmo
    • Note: I don't use Skype and not listed contacts below for any sales (If you find anyone with my name, its fake).

    * - Please note that cheating is always risk and you should understand this when you purchase cheat. We do our best to keep cheat undetected, but if it will be detected all your time will be frozen and cheat going to update. We dont do refunds once you redeem key!
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    💥🛩️War Thunder Cheats 🛩️ 🔥 - AimBot / Wallhack / ESP / Units / Aeroplane / Misc 🔥

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