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    Account NA Coeurl , DOL/DOH 80 maxed

    Windows PC Version sever NA Coeurl
    #1 Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quest Finished
    Aether Current (fly map) unlocked all
    High-end duty: Eden's Gate (Savage) unlocked
    Beast Tribe Relations: Shadownbringers rank 7
    Anima weapon: Areadbhar Lux weapon for dragoon
    All mat ready for one more anima lux weapon (just follow quest)
    2 Million Gil To Start Up
    #2 Combat class
    Dps class: Dragoon level 80 / Avarage Item Level 455
    Healing class: Astrologian level 80 / Avarage Item Level 446
    #3 Disciples of the Hand: all at level 80 (Crafting)
    Quest job finished / all skill unlocked / all master recipes learned
    Carpenter (Avarage Item Level 430)
    Blacksmith (Avarage Item Level 430)
    Armorer (Avarage Item Level 430)
    Goldsmith (Avarage Item Level 430)
    Leatherworker (Avarage Item Level 434)
    Weaver (Avarage Item Level 430)
    Alchemist (Avarage Item Level 434)
    Culinarian (Avarage Item Level 430)
    #4 Disciples of the Land: all at level 80 (Gathering)
    Quest job finished / all skill unlocked / all special node unlocked
    Miner (Avarage Item Level 430)
    Botanist (Avarage Item Level 430)
    Fisher (Avarage Item Level 410)
    check imgur link to see character
    Use Relevant Glamour Plate Selection System To look Same As Picture Link Above
    *** Price : 150$ ***
    *** negotiate price contact me discord: andyy#8578 ***
    Dragoon - Album on Imgur
    Astrologian - Album on Imgur
    Crafting - Album on Imgur
    Gathering - Album on Imgur
    Mount&minion - Album on Imgur
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