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    [Crystal Datacenter Servers] HQ i450 & i460 Melded Gear, Ishgardian Restoration Items


    I am a long-time FFXIV looking for small-scale sales of services and items on the Crystal Datacenter. Everything will be done through my main character, which has been thriving on its home server since the beta of the original 1.0 release of FFXIV. My prices on some services and items may be slightly higher than the competition, but this is about as secure as it gets for this sort of trading. I accept most cryptocurrencies and Paypal as acceptable forms of payment, but if you have another payment method it never hurts to run it by me! I sporadically check my messages here, but religiously try to keep up my Discord. You can reach me on Discord at eSportsMonies#4935.

    I sell gil for $3 per milllion.

    1. Full i450 HQ Crafted (Combat DoW/DoM) Sets ------ $4 ($7 melded, $10 overmelded)
    2. Lv70-80 Levekits ------ $15 per DoH, or all 8 crafter classes for $70
    3. Full i460/i430 Crafter/Gatherer Sets ------ $40 (penta-melded), $8, or $4 per DoH/DoL. $40 is for penta-melded i460 left side and penta-melded i430 right-side (no i460 for accessories released yet for DoH/DoL), $8 is for a set of HQ i460 left-side with HQ i430 right-side with no melds. $4 is just for i460 (unmelded) left-side (this is just the new stuff for 5.1). All items other than tools are cross-class for all crafters OR gatherers.
    4. Free Company Materials / Other Rare Tradable Goods ------ I have a large stock of resin, balsa wood of both varieties, black clay, and many more items that are tradable but market-prohibited. I am also extremely skilled with solo deep-dungeon and Eureka content, and so if you want me to track something down for you, feel free to ask! Chances are, I'm more than willing to help!
    5. Grand Company Seals ------ Price would vary based on how many GC seals you needed, and what level you were/which dungeons you had access to. This would take place in the form of me running you through dungeons, or giving you expert delivery gear to turn in for seals. I would NOT want or need access to your account.
    6. PotD, HoH, MSQ/Unsync'd Duty Runs, and BLU Spells ------ This falls into the realm similar to what I mentioned in rare items. This would have to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, and it's basically me guessing how long it'd take to get a group of spells (or just one spell), and basing my price on that. I generally put myself around $5-8 per hour.
    7. Ishgardian Restoration Items!
    8. Sky Rat Replica (Glamour, but I'll still HQ it!) Lv1 Gear ------ $4 for a full set, feel free to mix and match any pieces within a set since everything is glamour-able to any job/class!
    9. Ufiti Horn (Summons the Gorrilla Mount from the final floors of Palace of the Dead) ------ $12
    10. New wall-lean (/lean) Emote "Winsome Wallflower" and/or new hairstyle "Modern Legend" ------ $4 each or both for $7
    11. Craftsman's Coverall Top / Craftsman's Singlet / Craftman's Coverall Bottoms ------ $3 per piece, or $7 for all 3!
    12. Any material related to Ishgardian Restoration turn-ins, HQ or otherwise (including HQ Crafting Food / Tea) ----- Send me a message on Discord and I'll give you a price!

    Additionally, if you need ANY HQ Crafting Material, I sell HQ materials for $10 per stack including HQ Chalicotherium Leather, HQ Prismatic Ingots, HQ Tungsten Steel Ingots, HQ Sandalwood Lumber, and HQ Ethereal Cotton Cloth !

    Again, feel free to contact me on Discord with any questions, or to place an order! Just add me on Discord at eSportsMonies#4935 !
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