[PC NA] ENDGame 1261CP GS,GH,IR,TTT,Unchained title 16/16 toons a lots gear menu

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    [PC NA] ENDGame 1261CP GS,GH,IR,TTT,Unchained title 16/16 toons a lots gear

    ESO Plus : 2month 15day

    Gold : 1000k gold

    Assistants : bank, merchant(both human)

    Token : name change*3, race change*1

    DLC : greymoor, dragon bone, summerset, morrowind, elsweyr, harrowstorm,
    imperial city, murkmire, orsinium, scalebreaker, the clockwork city,
    thieves guild, wolfhunter, wrathstone

    House : Linchal Grand Manor, Amaya Lake Lodge, Old Mistveil Manor,
    Forsaken Strong hold, etc.

    Skin : have all trial Skin, Amber plasm, Arctic rime, Blackmarrow necromancer,
    Blood-forged, Crystalfrost, Dreadhorn shaman, Ebony epidermis,
    Infernal epidermis, Marshmist palescale, Meridian purifed, Mind-shriven,
    Sable man-beast, Soul-shriven, Spiderkith

    Alliance war horse, Dwarven war horse, Flame Atronach horse, Frost mare,
    Dapple gray palfrey, Holdbreaker warhorse, Imperial horse, Rahd-m'athra,
    Skeletal horse, Sorrel horse, Zombie horse
    Black mane lion, Clouded senche-leopard, Dragonscale frost senche,
    Dro-m'athra senche, Dwarven senche, Senche-lizard steed, Skeletal senche
    Sunspire Champion senche-lion, Tenmar senche-tiger
    Dwarven guar, Glowgill guar, Strom Atronach camel, Verdant tattoo shorn camel,
    Cursebound wolf, Doom wolf, Ice wolf, Ebon steel dwarven spider, Black bear, etc.

    Upgrade : Any race Any Alliance, Necromancer, Warden, Imperial race and outfit style
    Morag tong outfit style

    Class 16/16 Toons and clear all trial HM

    DragonKnight : Tank / Argonian / Gryphon Heart / Master Craft(armor&weapon)
    Nightblade : Magicka DD / Dark Elf / Gryphon Heart
    Sorcerer : Magicka DD / High Elf / Gryphon Heart / Tick-tock tormenter
    Nightblade : Stamina DD / Orc / Unchained
    Warden : Healer / Breton / Gryphon Heart
    Sorcerer : Healer / Orc / Immortal Redeemer
    DragonKnight : Stamina DD / Redguard / 8trait(accessories)
    Necromancer : Magicka DD / Breton / Immortal Redeemer
    Warden : Magicka DD / Breton / Gryphon Heart
    Templar : Healer / Breton / Godslayer / Immortal Redeemer
    Dragonknight : Magicka DD / Dark Elf
    Necromancer : Stamina DD / Orc
    Templar : Magicka DD / High Elf
    Nightblade : Stamina DD / Orc
    Templar : Stamina DD / Orc
    Templar : Magicka DD / Breton

    have almost gear and many costum, etc.

    Paypal trade

    DISCORD Bergerac#0082
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