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    V14 Sorcerer & v13 Dragonknight l Former Emperor l 230 skillpoints !

    lvl 50 v14 high Elf Sorcerer & 50 v13 Dark elf Dragonknight vampire 10

    Region: EU
    Platform: PC/MAC
    Game License Edition: Pre-Order edition
    Veteran Rank: 14
    Faction: Ebonheart pact
    Gender: Female & male
    Achievement Points: 5400 not focused on Achiev points
    Rare Titles: Former Emperor
    Bag/Inventory Capacity: 110

    Stats and Gear depends on what i have equiped for the moment, but i have easy acsses to all the best if not already using it

    Health:2200-3100 depends on buffs / and gear setup
    Magicka: 2536
    Stamina: 1188
    Spell Damage: 117 "can do over cap with enchant"
    Spell Critical: 71%

    Gear: Legendary light armor aether set from AA/HEL RA trials + gear that i've crafted myself,, most items have epic glyphs on them aswell, currently using legendary destruction and healing staff equipped + soulshine jewlery = best in slot gear !

    Best mount: level 50 Light horse best / fastest mount
    Mount speed upgrades: 75%

    Skill Points

    Skill Points Total: 230 ( missing easy to get skyshards)
    Class Skill Levels (Sorcerer)

    Class Skill 1: 50
    Class Skill 2: 50
    Class Skill 3: 50

    Weapon Skill Levels

    One Hand and Shield: 41
    Destruction Staff: 50
    Restoration Staff: 50

    Armor Skill Levels

    Light Armor: 50
    Medium Armor: 44
    Heavy Armor: 44

    World Skill Levels

    Soul Magic: 6
    Vampire: 10

    Alliance War

    Assault: 6
    Emperor: 11 all passives !
    Support 6

    Guild Skill Levels

    Fighers Guild: 10 on both chars
    Mages Guild: 10 on both chars
    Undaunted: 5 max

    Craft Skill Levels

    Alchemy Skills: 50
    Blacksmithing Skills: 50
    Clothing Skills: 50
    Provisioning Skills: 50
    Woodworking Skills: 50

    The sorc knows all crafting motifs

    got the loyalty reward pet

    Gametime untill 25 oktober ! contact me here with questions / skype / email

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