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    Eagle bearer 💛regulus💛 ravenous pc account

    Never buy accounts from random people that simply decided to sell their account. There is always risk of the original owner reclaiming the account back if they open ticket with support.
    Our accounts however are made with intention to be sold, they do not have previous owners and come with lifetime warranty.
    I am the first and only owner.after purchase you will receive game login info, in addition to full email login.
    I continue to work on the profile so I will update the information after the change.

    Uplay account + New York DLS

    All Specializations Max.
    Ravenous (Exotic Rifle/ Raid Only)
    Eagle Bearer (Exotic assault rifle/ Raid Only)
    Regulus (Exotic Pistol/Raid Only)
    Ridgeway's Pride (Exotic Body Armor)
    Bighorn (Exotic assault rifle)
    Bullet King (Exotic Light Machinegun)
    Nemesis(Exotic Marksman Rifle )
    Backfire (Exotic Sub Machine Gun)
    Merciless (Exotic Rifle)
    Liberty (exotic Deagle)
    Chameleon(Exotic Assault Rifle )
    Mantis (Exotic Marksman Rifle)
    Sweet Dreams (Exotic Shotgun )
    Pestilence(Exotic Light Machinegun)
    Cayote's Mask(Exotic Mask)
    Vile(Exotic Mask)
    Tardigrade Armor System(Exotic Armor)
    Dodge City Gunslinger's(Exotic Holster)
    Ismperial Dynasy(Exotic Holster)
    Diamondback (Exotic Rifle)
    Acosta's Go-bag(Exotic Backpack)
    Memento(Exotic BackPack)
    BTSU Datagloves(Extoc Gloves)
    Sawyer's Kneepads(Exotic Kneepads)

    Battle Pass Level 100
    SHD Level 436+
    Blueprints 282
    PVE Builds + 3 PVP Builds
    24 Mask
    27 weapon skins 22 Gear Dyes
    Dark Zone LvL 49


    SMG PVP Build
    Critical Hit Change 50.9%

    Critical Hit Damage 161.7%
    Headshot Damage 60%
    Armor Damage 19%

    Armor 1.1million

    Build DD AR
    DPS AR
    Critical Hit Change 54.3%
    Critical Hit Damage 184.3%

    Build DPS with Scope
    DD build with a rifle

    SMG PVE build
    build based on the new set hunter's fury
    very high damage at close range
    Critical Hit Change 51,2%

    Critical Hit Damage 150.8%

    Fire Build
    Skill Tier Max. Level
    Works through Fire effects

    PVP Build with a shield
    Critical Hit Change 48%
    Critical Hit Damage 80.5%
    Headshot Damage 70%
    1.6 million Armor
    56K Armor Regeneration

    Hazard Protection 40.3%

    PVP Build With Eagle Bearer
    1 million Armor
    Critical HIt Chance 47.6%
    Critical Hit Damage 156.3%

    Add my Skype to get a quick respond

    Email:[email protected]

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