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    Cheat 🔥Black Desert Online🔥 PLAYERS,SKILLS,PATH,DRAW

    Supported version of the game : PEARL ABYSS / 4GAME
    Supported game mode: Fullscreen or windowed
    Supported anticheats : Ingame anticheat
    Supported CPU : All
    Supported OS : Windows (x64 only): 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (1709/1803/1809/1903/1909/2004/20H2)
    Supported invisibility on video or screenshots : No


    • Radius Attack / Decrease, increase the radius of attacks Player (green circle)
    • Scanning Area Of Enemies Radius / Decrease, increase the scanning area of enemies (blue circle), if the enemy gets into this area, then the player will start to attack this enemy, this area is active if enabled running of navigating
    • Activate Scanning Area Of Enemies / Enables, disables active scanning area of enemies
    • Auto Healing / Installation of a fast slot for auto healing. When NONE AutoCAD disabled
    • Auto Healing Threshold / CP threshold at which the triggered AutoCAD

    • Use only skills (without the use of a conventional attack on the paintwork)
    • number combination skills (available up to 10 different combinations)
    • Skill / activation skill (skill available to 10 in combination)
    • Timing / Time in seconds after which activated the next skill
    • In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”
    • Combination / combination of buttons for skill
    • In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”
    • The following combinations:
    • In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”
    • a. LMB + RMB LMB + RMB;
    • b. 1 btn involved a single button on the keyboard;
    • c. 1 btn + LMB one button on the keyboard and coatings;
    • d. 1 btn + RMB one button on the keyboard and the RMB;
    • e. 1 btn + LMB + RMB one button on the keyboard, coatings and PCM;
    • f. 2 btn two buttons on the keyboard are involved;
    • g. 2 btn + LMB two buttons on the keyboard and coatings;
    • h. 2 btn + RMB two buttons on the keyboard and the RMB;
    • i. 3 btn involved three buttons on the keyboard.

    Active Button 1 Key / Function 1 button for skill
    Active Button 2 Key / Function 2 button for skill
    Active Button 3 Key / Assignment 3 buttons for skill

    • Path Number / Number of the current route (path), available 10 routes
    • Clear Path / route Clears (removes all points)
    • Near Path Point X / Change the location of the nearest point of the route in the X
    • Near Path Point Z / Change the location of the nearest point of the route on the Zaxis
    • Run Mode / Run mode (loop looped route runs from the last point in the first; ping pong will run from the beginning of the route to the end and back to the beginning, endlessly; clamp reaches the last point of the route and stops)
    • Attack From Near Point / Enables, disables the attack of enemies in the area of the point of the path to which they ran, i.e. player runs to point the way, if the function is active on the point, it begins to scan the area of the point, if the enemies found in it, then attack them
    • Near Point Region Radius / Decrease, increase the area of the point

    • Draw Player Attack Region / Drawing scanning area of enemies (blue circle)
    • Draw Player Radius Attack / Drawing radius attack Player (green circle)
    • Draw Path Point Region / Drawing field point
    • Draw Path Points / Drawing current waypoints
    • Draw Path Lines / Drawing lines connecting the current waypoint
    • Show Near Path Point Info / Drawing data of the nearest point of the current route, the data is displayed in the upper left corner displays the name of the nearest point of attack and the activity in the area of this point

    • Menu Key / Purpose of opening the menu button
    • Hide Cheat Drawing / Disable drawing cheat ( USE SHOULD EVER AFTER SETTING THE ROUTE / of IT the IS ADVISABLE the TO the USE ALWAYS the AFTER YOU the CONFIGURE THE the ROUTE )
    • Default Config Key / Appointment setting button default settings values
    • Set Point Key / Appointment setting buttons current waypoint
    • Remove Last Point Key / Button Function remove the last point of the current route
    • Set Run To Path Key / Assign button is activated passing a given route
    • FPS / Display FPS

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