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    Lvl 1-61=$270/ Lvl 61-63=$900+ 8B Silver (FREE) We Also Provide Enhancement Gear

    Welcome to ScalgravityBoost!
    Our team has specialised in individual enquiries.
    Our many years of experience in Black Desert Online
    enables us to offer you excellent service in all areas.

    All our services are manually operated by experienced players.
    We also use powerful VPNs to provide you with the best service and security.


    1-56 + awa. quest 12hours =10$
    56-57 15hours =12$
    57-58 2 days =25$
    58-59 2-3 days =35$
    59-60 4-5 days =70$
    60-61 5-6 days =110$
    61-62 8 days =330$
    62-63 9-10 days =900$

    Feeling like this isn't what you're really looking for? Then...
    ...maybe our special offers can ease you
    Take a look at our special package deals. You won't regret considering picking one of these

    leveling: 56-60 =30$
    leveling: 60-62 =410$
    leveling: 60-63 =1100$ + 8B SILVER (FREE)

    Energy farming

    1 to 100 points: $0.5 for each Energy point
    101 to 200 points: $0.7 for each Energy point
    201 to 300 points: $1 for each Energy point
    301 to 350 points: $1.5 for each Energy point

    Contribution points

    1 to 100 points: $0.5 for each point
    100 to 200 points: $0.7 for each point
    200 to 250 points: $1 for each point
    250 to 300 points: $1.5 for each point

    In case you wish to obtain energy or contribution points in greater amounts than the numbers available on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us

    Optimizing worker empire, CP investment and leveling lifeskills
    Please contact us for specific details and prices.

    We take care of your account - for a week, a month or even longer
    Please contact us in order to agree on an offer customized to your needs
    While we manage your account, you tell us what you wish we do, how we progress your characters and improve your BDO experience for your return
    Basic price for a month $450 (including grinding, leveling, enhancing, optimizing lifeskills - please reach out to us for details)
    We build the failstacks and the backups for any pen armor or weapon piece (only green, blue, yellow included) - base price 700$
    We make your pen piece if you already have the necessray failstacks and equipment to use as backup - base price 400$
    These prices are only for direction, for the exact service and price please contact us
    We make Blackstar weapons only up until TET - details in private

    We make all three available T9 mounts - Diné, Doom, Arduanatt
    These are our most cutomized offers. To give you a price and duration, we will need to know if you have a courser, failstacks on it and cron stones

    In order to provide you with the best personally customized offer, please dont hesitate to contact us on Discord:

    Your "TRUST" is our Business
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