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    ArcheRage Account 13k Archer With Legendary Erenor Bow + 300k Gold ++

    Hi There,

    I am done playing for this game cos i dont have so much time playing this game anymore cos irl busy life this server is truly great, update progress is good, and the GM itself care for community voice, also a lot of customs events held for player and lots of custom items, pets, mounts, costumes, etc you will have a lot to do in this server and i have amassed quite a lot of stuff i love this game but i decided its time for me to retired cos i dont have any free time again to play, is great private server ever you can found, atm server version is archeage 5.3 just from 23 march 2021 ( usually will update the next patch around 6 ++ month forward or less ( lately update become faster the admin of server working really fast and good ) current hiram gear max grade now is epic i already get all epic set so just waiting awakening into legendary

    my assets :

    1. archer class gear with GS 13k++
    main weapon legendary erenor bow tempered 20++ full gemmed with t3 gemmed
    ( exp is not 0% you only need around 4 legen 2h for upgrade it into mythic )
    ( thats why i left my gold inside so regrade its up to you and sure will be enough to get 4 leggy to feed or feed 6 at once and hoping to get proc when feed it maybe it will go into eternal so i leave the luck to you )
    main and left weapon is t3 epic hiram full gemmed with t3 fire
    instrument t3 epic hiram full gemmed with t3 gale
    armor tempered full set epic t3 hiram full gemmed with t3 earth and gale, wave, and
    honor gems which best for archer
    accessories all epic and eternal honor neklace
    costume eternal and undies mythic with range stats
    and mostly all my profession skill is 150k++ - 230k maxed increase with snowflake
    and have some fashioned costume from what i like
    glider have god of war ( custom glider from server and best glider must have )
    ravenspine wings, eagle glider ( best for pvp glider ), sloth, astra wings, etc
    and 300k++ gold in storage and a lot more stuff you can sell from my storage into gold
    all my gold i get is achieved with my own hands not from others buying or exploit or bad things
    my name and my reputation in this game is good well too thats why its very safe

    2. mounts
    iceneer summonstone ( custom mount from server and best mount must have )
    frost dragon, stormwrath kirin, shayeera, aquestria, zebra, crimson lightning, lady fluffsworth, etc, powerstone pet violet bloomfang, kindled spirit ( must have for pvp ) pet moon owls golden bell ( custom pet from server ) lavaspark, etc

    3. vehicle
    rampage chroma b200, freighter red, ironclad, moby drake with legen prop,
    clipper with mythic sail and legen prop, seawhip boat design ( unbuild ), etc

    4. lands
    have plots with large plots mansion, beanstalk house ( the big tree house ), treehouse ++, farmhouse++, etc i have a lot deposit tax around 20k++ and i will provide more if you buy my account i will making tax for you as long i avail to play with my alt ( can provide around 10k++ tax from my alt ) just login making tax and send it to you this is very bonus from me and i will not charge in future so its absolutely free this is the service i can give for you as my best customer to buy my account

    5. i have 1 million ++ vocation points and all other stuff like decorations, mats like lumber, stone, iron, and other stuffs lot of more which i dont mention here which you can turn it into golds

    Archerage doesn't allow Email changes so while I am willing to sell the account I have no way to change the email on the account itself. The Email is my personal email and I can't give it away. I know the email situation limits the value of the account and I am willing to setup email forward rules for all archerage emails if you want to actually play the character and want access to those. there is character transfer service using service from server itself but it will cost fee around 10% or min 10k credits which can transfer all characters equipment, items, lands, full inside of it, if you want to do with that way.

    i calculate my account worth is around 800k gold and if you swipe from donating from server
    100 usd will give you 25k credits which now in game 1k credit is around 2k gold so its mean around 50k, 800k : 50k = 16 x 100 usd = 1600 usd if you swipe starting from first, but i dont want to make it hard so i will reduce it into 800 usd ( so i just count my value of my erenor bow and my gold which is around 440k gold and converted with 1,8 $ per 1k is around 800 usd while you get others for lands, mounts and all others is all bonuses ) surely thats a lot for decrease the value since the email itself cant be changed but still you can change the password and i promise i will not never ever login that account anymore when you buy mine
    ( how to believe ? i know its trust matter but i will not force you so its up to you believe me or not )

    so im looking for 800 usd for selling my account and all my service which i will provide tax with my alt or if you wanted my alt thats okay too i will give it freely of my alt ( one of my alt have freighter and merchant schooner, cars, etc too which back then i used for doin trade run )

    hit me up on my discord ( 78RV99#1083 ) if you interested
    payment accept using skrills
    thank you

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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