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    Apex Legends trade rules!

    Send me a PM for thread approval.
    If you spot a rule break, please report it!
    If you are gonna sell a cheat in Apex Legends section, please PM DvASystems to verify yourself. We have recently seen a huge rise in scammers.

    1.Selling a cheat: Your code must be original, this however also means you are free to sell your cheat if it's based on existing code but maintained and updated by you.

    You are not allowed to also sell if the main seller of said code (original base) is established here already.
    This also means if the code/cheat can be found for free on Ownedcore's Apex Legends Cheat section/github/or leaked/cracked somewhere else, you are not allowed to (re)sell it in the Trade section.

    There are great differences between reselling a reskinned/tweaked cheat and a vastly modified/upgraded cheat that shares barely any resemblance to the old base.

    (In some cases, you will be asked for proof that your cheat exists and is working.)

    2. [Reselling] must be in thread title and explained in thread body if the seller is reselling codes/software/accounts.

    3. No hexpay or rocketr or selly links. Only natural PMs. Exceptions to this rule are Premium thread owners.

    4. No Proxy selling. Do not sell someone else's software for them and claim it as your own.

    5. Macro scripts belong in the general FPS trade section.
    FPS Trading

    7. You are not allowed to have UNDETECTED in your thread title due to abuse.

    Lastly, if you believe someone is scamming or has scammed you, please use the report function or contact a mod. Leaving any remarks without any proof leads to cleanup.
    However we are happy if you send a detailed report here:
    General Trade Talk

    Follow the instructions here:
    How to report a scammer

    Global trade rules:

    1. Do not advertise in other users threads

    2. Do not comment prices of other users services

    3. Do not sell bots for any games without DvASystems's permission.
    (for permission to sell bots you bots ntact DvASystems - verification handler)

    4. Do not make comments about one user's service in another's thread
    (example: "your service is so much cheaper/more expensive than that other one", "this guy is better/worse than your service" etc)

    5. Do not double advertise (only one thread per one item)

    (example: one thread for selling guild, one thread for sor/raf, one thread for powerlvling and boosting, one thread for gold selling etc - you are allowed to have maximum of 3 threads)

    6. Do not advertise your services as "Cheapest", "Best", "Fastest", "Most reliable", "Beating everyone's price" etc

    7. Do not make comments about service / leave feedback if you haven't purchased it.
    (example: your service sux because I can easily do it myself)

    8. Do add skpe button to your thread (always!) so potential buyer / seller can add you on skype by clicking on it, to avoid imposters.
    PHP Code:
    9. Do not advertise your site outside of Legendary Trade threads or in Youtube videos.
    (you can only advertise your site inside the legendary thread and in "legendary thread title" - not in the thread title itself, nor in the username)

    10. Do not spam your thread with bump nor "I'm online and selling / there's a sale going" type of posts, it's plain spamming that doesn't actually bump the thread - use "Free Bump", "Bump Post" or "Automatic Bump" buttons instead - you are fine to reply to latest post in your thread made by other user, but you are only allowed to make maximum of 1 post per week if no one else posted in your thread!

    11. Do not copy someone else's sale thread word for word.
    Same goes for anything cryptic, people work hard on their sales thread. Do not steal from others.

    Always attach an authenticator to your account, if you get hacked and someone's scam other users using your account it's only your own faulth!

    User replies guidelines

    DO NOT ask for support in a trade thread. Create a support thread in Apex chat section.
    DO NOT ask for configs. Create a config thread in the Apex chat section.
    DO NOT sell configs in a trade thread.
    DO NOT spread discord links in someone else's thread.
    DO NOT ask for boosting or LFG posts in a trade thread.
    DO NOT accuse someone of scamming. Create a scam report or report the seller.
    DO NOT give a seller negative feedback for not replying fast enough or being unavailable at the time.
    DO NOT leave lazy negative reviews. Those can be easily disputed, wasting everyone's time.
    DO NOT ask questions without searching the thread or reading the first post.
    DO NOT post "Will leave a review later". This is spam and can also lead to false feedback submitted without a proper review and cause issues in the event of a dispute.

    If the seller has a Discord channel or a forum, DO NOT post support related questions in the sales thread.

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