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    UNDETECTED tag and rule addition

    Due to recent abuse we are removing the UNDETECTED tag sellers have been putting into their thread titles. In fact most of the threads that have this tag has been hit by a banwave recently and continued to sell with that tag.
    The new rule can be found here:

    Here are a few questions and answers:

    Q) Can I put undetected in my thread instead of title?
    A) This is something we cannot moderate and verify but it's easier to not have it all if you don't want a bunch of angry customers chargebacking. It's recommended to put use at your own risk instead.

    Q) I bought an undetected cheat and got banned within minutes or even HWID banned despite the sellers promise. Can I get a refund?
    A) You should take it up with Paypal or your bank. We cannot enforce refunds for bans since the game's security is constantly updating. Do look out for reviews mentioning bans or seller communication.

    Q) Can I post ban reports in a sales thread?
    A) Yes and No. You can mention it in a review but any posts that are solely about bans are not allowed. The reasoning is that they can fill up a thread and not be verified. We have had many cases where a competitor will create fake accounts and start creating false reports about bans to hurt a seller's sales.

    Q) Can I call out a seller and argue with them in a trade thread?
    A) No, and you might end up infracted. Sales threads are for reviews and questions related to the service. Arguing with a seller for whatever reason is not allowed anywhere on the forum. It's easier to write a proper review and explain your situation. If the seller wants to argue they'll have to use the dispute function.
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