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    Class for Dynamic Method Creation

    Hey all. I was working on my hacking library and I came across the need to create some methods using IL. Here is a class I wrote, hopefully someone finds it useful.

    The Class:
        public static class DynamicMethodFactory
            static AssemblyName assemblyName;
            static AssemblyBuilder assembly;
            static ModuleBuilder module;
            static DynamicMethodFactory()
                assemblyName = new AssemblyName("DynamicMethodFactory");
                assembly = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.DefineDynamicAssembly(assemblyName, AssemblyBuilderAccess.Run);
                module = assembly.DefineDynamicModule($"<Module-{Guid.NewGuid()}>");
            public static T CreateDelegate<T>(Action<ILGenerator> generate) where T : class
                if (!typeof(T).IsSubclassOf(typeof(Delegate)))
                    throw new ArgumentException("T must be a delegate type.");
                var type = module.DefineType($"<Type-{Guid.NewGuid()}>");
                var methodName = $"<Method-{Guid.NewGuid()}>";
                var methodInfo = typeof(T).GetMethod("Invoke");
                var method = type.DefineMethod(methodName, MethodAttributes.Static | MethodAttributes.Public, methodInfo.ReturnType, methodInfo.GetParameters().Select(x => x.ParameterType).ToArray());
                return type.GetMethod(methodName).CreateDelegate(typeof(T)) as T;
    Possible Use:
        public static class StructHelper<T> where T : struct
            private delegate IntPtr AddressOfDelegate(ref T value);
            public static AddressOfDelegate AddressOf { get; }
            static StructHelper()
                AddressOf = DynamicMethodFactory.CreateDelegate<AddressOfDelegate>(il =>
                    il.Emit(OpCodes.Ldarg, 0);

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