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    Veteran Best Paladins Waifu Account for Sale


    Are you a fan of Paladins or recently started playing the game? Do you want to get limited or rare cosmetics but have no patience to get them? You have come to the right place because an old veteran like me is selling their account.

    I am selling the account as I no longer have interest to play Paladins, it became a chore for me to keep with the new content (levelling battlepasses, doing events etc) and I think it is time for the new owner.

    My account isn't made through Steam, it has a separate HiRez account with username and password. The newer owner of the account can change the email and link the account to play it on console etc.

    Account Details:
    • Comes with 1190 crystals and 298575 gold
    • Has Golden Skins for Ying, Willo, Moji, Evie, Lian, Imani, Cassie and Furia. Perfect for Waifu enthusiasts.
    • Comes with a lot of Legendary, Epic and Limited Skins
    • All Cosmetic Wheel Purchased
    • Bought Sugar Plum Willo DLC, Seris Cottaintail DLC
    • Comes with 2 unused Large Gifts (300 crystals each)
    • Reached Leaderboard #1 for Ying, Moji, Willo and Furia multiple times in 2018 when there was a leaderboard. Cassie, Lian, Evie, Maeve and Seris were in top 10#.
    • Reached a maximum rank of Diamond 1 multiple times. The current rank has decayed to Platinum as I haven't played for so long.
    • Had matches with popular YouTubers and Streamers like Frostfangs, z1unknown, KamiVS etc. Got featured on streams and some YouTube videos.
    • The account isn't banned, it is in a good state and can be logged in and out without issue.
    • Has a high KDA through many champions, enjoy snowballing newbies, have a higher chance matching with high elo players, GMs, get carried and enjoy easy wins.

    Image Gallery: Update your browser to use Google Drive - Google Drive Help
    Contact Details: live:cromarko (Skype). Skype is the best way to reach me. My profile has a picture of Ying (Paladins) with name of Sky. Just add me and send a message on Skype.

    Atlas - Chronomancer (Recolour)
    Androxus - Battlesuit Godslayer (Epic)
    Androxus - Huntsman (Epic)
    Androxus - Steam Demon (Epic)
    Androxus - Wraith (Recolour)
    Ash - Hellion (Recolour)
    Barik - Foreman (Recolour)
    Barik - Team Fortress 2 (Epic)
    Bomb King - Battle Byte Bomb King (Epic)
    Bomb King - Monarch (Recolour)
    Buck - Summit (Recolour)
    Cassie - Dragoncaller (Epic)
    Cassie - Sun Kissed (Epic)
    Cassie - Northern Watch (Rare)
    Cassie - Coral (Recolour)
    Cassie - Golden Cassie (Mastery)
    Dredge - Buccaneer (Recolour)
    Drogoz - Dreadhunter (Epic)
    Drogoz - Tyrant (Recolour)
    Evie - Cosmic Evie (Mastery Epic)
    Evie - Obsidian (Mastery Rare)
    Evie - Evocation (Recolour)
    Evie - Golden Evie (Mastery)
    Fernando - Battle Byte Fernando (Epic)
    Fernando - FN-01 Erebos (Epic)
    Fernando - Daring (Recolour)
    Furia - Golden Furia (Mastery)
    Furia - Battlesuit Angel (Epic)
    Furia - Coldsnap Furia (Limited)
    Furia - Iron Maiden (Recolour)
    Grohk - Chieftain Grohk (Epic)
    Grohk - Grohk Lobster (Exclusive)
    Grohk - Beast (Recolour)
    Grover - Autumn (Recolour)
    Imani - Golden Imani (Mastery)
    Imani - Warder (Recolour)
    Inara - Battle Byte Inara (Epic)
    Inara - Sunstone (Recolour)
    Jenos - Remix Jenos (Legendary)
    Jenos - Millennium (Recolour)
    Khan - Mixer Khan (Limited)
    Khan - Royal Guard (Recolour)
    Kinessa - Battlesuit Eagle Eye (Epic)
    Kinessa - Atomic (Recolour)
    Kinessa - Samba Sniper Rifle (Exclusive)
    Koga - Exile (Recolour)
    Lex - Longboard (Epic)
    Lex - Lawbringer (Recolour)
    Lian - High Elf (Epic)
    Lian - Dusk (Recolour)
    Lian - Golden Lian (Mastery)
    Maeve - Dreamhack Maeve (Rare)
    Meave - Strike (Limited)
    Maeve - Vagrant (Recolour)
    Makoa - Akuma (Epic)
    Makoa - Montego (Recolour)
    Maldamba - Cursed (Recolour)
    Moji - Golden Moji (Mastery)
    Moji - Plum (Recolour)
    Pip - Remix Pepper (Legendary)
    Pip - Sulfur (Recolour)
    Ruckus - Sprocket (Recolour)
    Seris - Remix Seris (Legendary)
    Seris - Cottontail Seris (Epic)
    Seris - Divine (Epic)
    Seris - Taboo (Recolour)
    Sha Lin - Bravado (Recolour)
    Skye - Kunoichi (Epic)
    Skye - Chrome (Rare)
    Skye - Twilight Skye (Rare)
    Skye - Guild Skye (Recolour)
    Skye - Pilot Suit (Recolour)
    Strix - Redux Strix (Limited)
    Strix - Remix Strix (Legendary)
    Strix - Phoenix (Recolour)
    Talus - Geist (Recolour)
    Terminus - Monolith (Recolour)
    Torvald - Arcanist (Recolour)
    Tyra - Alluvial (Recolour)
    Viktor - Reaver (Epic)
    Viktor - Charcoal (Exclusive)
    Viktor - Khaki (Recolour)
    Vivian - Full Throttle (Limited)
    Vivian - Manipulator (Recolour)
    Willo - Golden Willo (Mastery)
    Willo - Cosmic Willo (Epic Mastery)
    Willo - Obsidian Willo (Rare Mastery)
    Willo - Sugar Plum Willo (Epic)
    Willo - Viceroy (Rare)
    Willo - Bluebell (Recolour)
    Ying - Golden Ying (Mastery)
    Ying - Genie (Epic)
    Ying - Replicant (Epic)
    Ying - Seer (Recolour)
    Ying - Twitch Illusory Mirror (Exclusive)
    Zhin - Nomad (Recolour)

    Emotes and MVPs:
    Androxus - Godslayer (Exclusive MVP)
    Ash - Inforno (Epic Emote)
    Ash - Give Me a Break (Exclusive Emote)
    Ash - Battle Hardened (Exclusive MVP)
    Barik - Kalinka Dance (Exclusive Emote)
    Bomb King - Grumpy Head (Exclusive Emote)
    Cassie - Mastery Emote (Exclusive Emote)
    Cassie - Deft (Exclusive MVP)
    Dredge - Jolly Jig (Legendary Emote)
    Dredge - Cut Throat (Exclusive Emote)
    Dredge - Swig (Exclusive Emote)
    Evie - Mastery Emote (Exclusive Emote)
    Evie - Dazzler (Exclusive MVP)
    Evie - Mastery Pose (Exclusive MVP)
    Fernando - Flex (Exclusive Emote)
    Fernando - Challenge (Exclusive Emote)
    Furia - Indignation (Exclusive Emote)
    Furia - Judgment (Legendary MVP)
    Furia - Battle Angel (Exclusive MVP)
    Imani - Incarnate (Legendary MVP)
    Inara - Zenith (Exclusive MVP)
    Jenos - Tranquil Breeze (Legendary Emote)
    Jenos - Curtain Call (Exclusive Emote)
    Khan - Sentinel (Legendary MVP)
    Kinessa - Clocking (Legendary Emote)
    Kinessa - Smokin and Jokin (Exclusive MVP)
    Koga - Shadow Boxing (Exclusive Emote)
    Lex - Take Aim (Exclusive Emote)
    Lian - Lounge (Legendary Emote)
    Maeve - Cutting Shapes (Legendary Emote)
    Maeve - Disrespect (Exclusive Emote)
    Makoa - Windup (Exclusive MVP)
    Maldamba - Snake Charmer (Epic Emote)
    Moji - Sleight of Foot (Exclusive Emote)
    Moji - Good Boys (Exclusive MVP)
    Pip - Pepper Step (Legendary Emote)
    Ruckus - Fist Bump (Exclusive Emote)
    Ruckus - Pride (Exclusive MVP)
    Seris - Drop the Beat (Legendary Emote)
    Sha Lin - Loose (Exclusive MVP)
    Strix - Recline (Legendary MVP)
    Talus - Hiya (Exclusive Emote)
    Talus - Trickster (Exclusive MVP)
    Terminus - Blind Rage (Exclusive Emote)
    Terminus - Headsman (Exclusive MVP)
    Torvald - Rock Paper Scissors (Exclusive Emote)
    Viktor - Tactical Assult (Legendary Emote)
    Viktor - Thigh Slapper (Exclusive Emote)
    Vivian - Unrefined (Exclusive Emote)
    Willo - Mastery Emote (Mastery Emote)
    Willo - Mastery Pose (Masery Pose)
    Ying - Mastery Emote (Mastery Emote)
    Zhin - Sulk (Legendary Emote)
    Zhin - Challenge (Exclusive Emote)

    Bomb King
    Sha Lin

    Any serious buyers are welcome to message me and I am more than happy to show them a live screen view of the account showing all the skins, emotes etc.

    The account also comes with 1000 free crystals for Paladins Strike (Mobile Game)

    Asking Price: 749 USD

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