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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive by Valve!

    Valve working on a new Counter Strike!
    Global Offensive to be released in 2012?

    Valve is most likely working on a new Counter Strike named Global Offensive.
    First reports stated the game would be called Global Operations, but one of the Valve
    employees and creators of Counter Strike (Jess Cliffe) corrected some time later.

    This information has been gathered from a reddit thread created by a professional CSS
    player helping Valve in the game development.

    This is what was first said about the type of the new game.
    much more like Source, it's made on a newer version of the Source engine

    People have been asking for a new Counter Strike game with graphics like in CSS but
    the game-play as in Counter Strike 1.6. Here's an answer to the question whether the
    new CS will be CSS and 1.6 combined:
    It is a mix really, it has wall spamming which is more like 1.6, but it is on the source engine,
    so the feel of it is more (but not exactly) like source. The flashes are also more like 1.6, where turning
    your back to them will make you a lot less flashed than looking straight at them, but they also have
    the sound from source. The smokes are like they are in the current source.

    There is also more tagging than in source, but the tagging also depends on the damage you're being
    dealt, so you won't be pinned to the ground by being hit by a glock, for example
    According to the author of the reddit thread, some new guns will be added and the old ones
    have been altered. There are also said to be new types of grenades
    There are molotov grenades which create a fire blanket that slows players are little. It sounds crazy,
    but it actually played really well, I think, even though the size/dmg might need a bit tweaking.

    The other new nade is a decoy nade that can play firing sounds, so it can be used to fake that a player is in a position. Not sure
    how usable it is, but the idea is pretty nice, I think.
    Also some maps have been modified for a better 5v5-game-experience including but not
    limited to de_aztec and de_dust.

    Beta-testing is supposed to begin somewhere between October and September but the game
    release is planned to be during the first quarter of 2012.

    This information is not confirmed neither official but there have been rumors of Valve holding
    a press conference within the next 24 hours.

    Source(s): IAmA guy who spend the day at Valve's HeadQuarters, playing and helping them develop the next version of CS, AMA : IAmA - News: Valve working on new CS - Report
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    Why cant they focus on Half Life 2 Episode 3~_~
    If you need me you have my skype, if you don't have my skype then you don't need me.

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    I'm super stoked on this game. I don't have 1.6 anymore,but I have CS:S. If they combine the 2 and make it really addicting, you'll see me on there 24/7 haha. Great article Xel, I wouldn't have known of that until it was WIDELY known lol. I'm sure they're working hard on HL2:E3 2d

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    Originally Posted by 2dgreengiant View Post
    Why cant they focus on Half Life 2 Episode 3~_~
    Gabe saw two protestors asking for the game, and he apparently went outside and attempted to eat them.

    Ontopic, sortof.. I'd like to see Half-Life 2 Episode 3 more than Counter-Strike or DOTA 2.

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    This was posted yesterday @

    [Update] It's official: A new Counter-Strike game is heading our way in early 2012. Counter-Strike: Global Offense will be releasing on the PC, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade. Valve says the game, which is being developed by Hidden Path Entertainment, expands on the game's original action.
    New Counter-Strike Coming To PC And Consoles - News -

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    Long life to Source engine lol... I know they update it all the time and Portal 2 did not look all that bad, but come on...
    It was one of the first engines with a usable physics model, but it was competing with Doom 3 engine at that time ffs.. Now it's competing with CryEngine.

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