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    Subvert League Cheat

    All of our cheats are backed by the world's first (public) cheat-based operating system. SubvertOS (SOS) allows us to load our cheats not only before every anti-cheat, but before the operating system itself. This gives us complete control over everything in the OS and nullifies the benefit of boot-start anti-cheats.

    This doesn't mean that we're undetectable by those anti-cheats, or anti-cheats that don't run at boot like Battleye or Easy Anti-cheat, but, we have the best chance of staying undetected in the long run.

    The cheats themselves are similar to the external cheats you are used to. Aimbot and ESP are the only features added at the moment, though triggerbot, bunnyhop, and more visual features are all possible and will be added in the future. ESP is invisible to OBS and shadowplay for streaming/recording.

    Beta testing requirements and information

    We're looking for a small group of people to help test Intel CPU + Legacy BIOS hardware configurations. After we will look for a new group with Intel CPUs and UEFI, and then the same with AMD CPUs. Requirements are as follows:


    ⦁ Modern Intel CPU (generally anything released from 2013 or newer will work)

    ⦁ Legacy BIOS enabled

    ⦁ Windows installed on a Master Boot Record (MBR) partition

    ⦁ A USB stick/thumb drive (just about any size is fine)


    ⦁ Lots of experience using cheats

    ⦁ General computer experience (Flashing an ISO to a USB, changing BIOS settings etc.)

    ⦁ Willing to help us work through and debug issues (Potentially hours of work if there are major issues with your hardware.)

    What you get:

    ⦁ 30 days of access to the CS:GO cheat

    ⦁ Lifetime access to all future beta tests (other games, new features etc.)

    ⦁ Beta tester tag on the forum

    ⦁ Priority forum moderator, reseller, and content creator positions. All of these positions have their own benefits, including being paid actual euros instead of just getting free cheats. If you're interested in any of these, make a ticket after you get beta access.

    Our website is a hidden service and can only be accessed via the Tor Browser []404 Not Found

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