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    Black ops cold war modded zombies xp lobby ✅ free round 50! ✅ uk host | timescale | modified XP

    Welcome to our Black Ops: Cold War Zombies Immortal Super Farming Lobbies!


    PURCHASE HERE: Narey Lobbies

    Narey Lobbies is proud to offer you Modded Zombies Lobbies in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War! In these lobbies, you’ll experience insane zombie slaying, allowing you to rank up your multiplayer profile, max your weapon levels and unlock the beautiful Zombie mode camos!

    Gone are the days spending hundreds of hours grinding camos and prestige levels. In our lobbies, you’ll easily attain far away goals in no time at all. During your session, you’ll experience the following:

    · God Mode
    · Permanent Insta Kill
    · Unlimited Ammo
    · Time Warp
    · Zombie Teleportation

    Our lobbies are available to anyone, regardless of your platform. Xbox, PlayStation and PC gamers are all welcome. We even support the latest and greatest Next Gen consoles, such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X!

    What do the Zombie mods mean?

    · God Mode: God Mode means that you’re unable to die. One of the main reason’s gamers are unable to reach high rounds is because they die, due to taking damage from Zombies. In our Lobbies, Zombies will no longer be able to inflict damage on you. This is called ‘God Mode’ as you’re untouchable by Zombies.

    · Permanent Insta Kill: We all know that higher rounds make your weapons weak. Even when a gun is Pack A Punched to the max and upgraded all the way, killing waves of zombies can still be a chore. With the permanent insta-kill effect, you’ll plough through hundreds of zombies in just a few bullets, gaining insane amounts of XP and completing challenges in mere moments.

    · Unlimited Ammo: Instead of waiting for a max ammo drop, or hitting the re-supply box, your gun will never run out of ammunition. Rest assured that you can spray away till your heart’s desire! Many of our customers set up macros or use rubber bands on controllers so they can fire on waves of zombies, without physically being at their station. This is the ultimate AFK experience.

    · Time Warp: Even though zombies can’t kill you, and you’ll never run out of ammo, high rounds can still take a long time to reach. Because of this, we enable time warp on all our lobbies. This means that time runs much faster in the game, compared to real time. For example, you can achieve round 100 in less than 30 minutes.

    · Zombie Teleportation: So at this point, zombies can’t hurt you, you’ll never run out of bullets, time is sped up and you instantly kill zombies, how can it get any better? We bring to you, Zombie Teleportation! With this feature, every single zombie will spawn at one spot, meaning they don’t run around and climb through windows. The zombies are forced to one singular location so you can fire away! This is one of the easiest ways to grind your weapons and level as you can aim your crosshair at their heads and go AFK – the zombies won’t move!

    What packages do you offer?

    We offer a variety of packages for you to choose from, depending on your exact needs. Looking for a quick round to finish off a gun or a camo? Choose our Round 50 package! Looking to grind a few guns and unlock their camos? Purchase one of our hour-long lobbies!

    Regardless if you want a 30-minute, 1 hour, 50 round or 100 round lobby, we can accommodate your needs no matter what. Looking to max your multiplayer prestige level? Fancy completing all the Easter Eggs in the game? Wanting to level every gun to 55? Or even unlock the iconic Dark Aether skins? Let us know your requirements, and we’ll help you out!

    To get in touch with us, reach out directly at:

    ·Discord: #Narey3516
    ·Telegram: @NareyLobbies

    How does everything work?

    1. Pick a package you like the look of, and complete the transaction.
    2. Reach out to us on either Discord or on Telegram with a screenshot of your receipt.
    3. We'll confirm the order, and send you an Activision ID to add. Once added to your friends list, we'll send you an invite to join the lobby.
    4. Once in the lobby, we'll start the game and enable all the mods.
    5. Sit back and relax, complete your challenges and objectives with ease!

    Note: If you don't see a package that you like (such as a custom order), please reach out to us on Discord or Telegram and we'll provide you with a custom order.

    P.S. Discord: #Narey3516
    Telegram: @NareyLobbies

    PURCHASE HERE: Narey Lobbies

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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