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    Haunted Battlefields

    Of all the wars fought by the United States the American Civil War seems to have the most reports of ghosts. And the ghosts of the American Civil War seems to be a really popular topic with a lot of people. In my forty plus years as a paranormal investigator I've seen more ghosts and other paranormal activity around civil war era battlefields than anywhere else.

    The battle of Gettysburg just keep coming up. In case you don't know it was the largest battle ever fought in the United States. The Herr Tavern that was built in 1815 was the building used as a hospital by the Confederate forces. So many amputations took place in the building that the surgeons had to throw limbs out the window to get them out -of- the- way so that other operations could take place.

    People have walked into the building today and claimed to have witnessed an operating room in full operation complete with men dressed in civil war uniforms. Others tell of hearing the sounds of men begging and screaming for mercy coming from inside the building. A large man wearing a leather apron is often seen on the stairs inside the building hurrying along. No one knows for sure who he is but most people think he's a confederate surgeon still operating on his patients all these years later.

    There have been so many reports of ghosts at and around the battlefield at Gettysburg Pennsylvania that many paranormal investigators have come to the battlefield over the years to try to find if ghosts and other paranormal activity really do take place there. Well I can tell you that I've been there several times over the years and I've seen some of the strangest, spookiest things I've ever seen in my life at Gettysburg.

    I've seen everything at the Gettysburg battlefield from full body apparitions to hearing a herd of galloping horses where there were no horses. I've walked into spots on the battlefield even in the summer months where it felt like it had to be freezing. I watched one afternoon as a young woman dressed in gray walked down through the trees towards a group of people. When they saw her and looked towards her she simply vanished. I really believe that the young woman was Jennie who was the only civilian casualty of the battle of Gettysburg. She was hit by a stray bullet and killed while she was in her house in town making homemade biscuits.

    But the tree line just below Cemetery Ridge is where the scariest things happen. Many people over the years including myself have witnessed what looks like armed men advancing out of the tree line. Other people have claimed to hear the sounds of battle including screams, gun shots and bugles. I know for a fact that I saw what looked like men holding rifles walking forward but when I walked towards them they vanished. Visit Optimize Game for full detail about Battlefield 5.

    And it was only a few hundred yards away from Cemetery Ridge going south that I and two friends heard what sounded like a huge herd of horses galloping towards us. It sounded like the horses came towards us and then went on past us. It sounded at times like the horses could only be 15 to 20 yards from us. It was truly one of the strangest paranormal things that I have ever witnessed. I later found out that it was in this same area where over 8000 horses killed in the battle were piled up in piles and burned.

    After my experiences at the Gettysburg battlefield and other civil war battlefields I think its more than likely that there are so many ghosts and so much paranormal activity around battlefields because of the huge number of people who died there. I think that anyone that you have that much death and destruction that some people and animals are going to be trapped forever in time.

    I can tell you that ghosts and paranormal activity is very real. I've seen ghosts for at least the last sixty or so years.

    The 10 Most Haunted Battlefields And Military Forts

    Haunted Battlefields

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