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Two-factor authentication

To help you keep your account safe, we offer 2-factor authentication for your users.
This is a google-application for your mobile phone that generates a code you use in addition to your username/password to connect to OwnedCore, adding another layer of security for your account!

Enabling 2FA will also give you this badge on your profile to show your customers and other members that you take security seriously.

Enable 2FA for your account here: http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/profile.php?do=twofactor


Thread options - Red and Green title - Legendary threads

These options are available when you create a trade thread

  • Free
  • Make Red Thread (Red color) (2000 CoreCoins required)
  • Premium Trade (Green color) (5000 CoreCoins required)
  • Premium Trade (Red color) (5000 CoreCoins required)
  • Legendary Trade (Purple color) (10000 CoreCoins required)

Thread Options:

  • Make Thread Bold (1000 CoreCoins required)
  • Auto-Bump Thread Every 6 Hours (525 CC Per Bump, 10% discount.)

I was scammed, what do I do?

When reporting a scammer, copy paste the form below in your thread, fill it in and post it here http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/mmo-trading-market/general-trade-talk/

The most solid evidence you can show us is by linking screenshots of your Skype conversations and screenshots of payment verification on Paypal/Skrill. 

But making reports doesn't only help us to keep our site clean from scammers, it also helps other traders in the future, because when they do their research on their customers the scam accusation thread will show up in Google.

For more info, go here: http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/mmo-trading-market/general-trade-talk/429800-how-report-scammer.html



Ownedcore Name:
Skype Name:
Paypal Name:
Other payment method:
Ownedcore scam link:

Other sites scam link:

Did you use a middleman?:

Explain what happened:



Fill the form above you with proof etc. If you don't post proof like skype photo's, charge back the person done etc. We will be forced to delete the thread. As we don't allow calling anyone scammer without any solid proof and hand out infractions.

If you report here and the person is not dealt with yet. I will send that person a pm. And he has to act on it in less then 24 hours and he will be giving the link of the thread you made. So we can have a discussion there. And that the person got a chance of a fair trial.

Please remember that plain text is not a valid form of proof, while posting skype logs you always have to take screenshots with visible skype username. (Please note that skype username is not the same thing as displayed name, you can check skype username of the person you're talking to by using little black arrows at the top right corner of your skype window).

Screenshots without visible skype username won't be accepted as a valid form of proof.

Example of valid form of proof:

How to auto add people on skype

This is for the traders that want people to auto add them. This is how to do it

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