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    Method for Getting Platinum for Gold Early On In Release

    As everyone is leveling up and gearing up. The Charms seem to be an underrated area of the game that not many people understand how exactly they work.

    When you get a charm via any in-game method, it has a chance to have one of your class skills on it. The ones that don't will be greyed out.

    You can salvage these not at the blacksmith, but at the charm vendor in Westmarch next to the Identifier NPC.

    The trick is, there is a vendor for Rarities that lets you purchase up to 10 accessories (randomly) per day at normal prices before they increase in cost. If you get a charm, you can salvage it to get the dust currency used to upgrade the charms to rank 5.

    When a charm reaches rank 5, you can extract all of those abilities as a "Skill Stone". These skill stones sell on the market for Platinum. On my server they're currently over 1,000 Platinum. So even if you get a bunch of charms, upgrade one at a time until you get a rank 5, extract the skill stone, then list it for something more in line of what a f2p player would have (300-400platinum per reset due to the quests) so lets just say 800 Platinum average price.

    You could potentially convert in-game gold for charms, to skill stones, and just list them for 600 to 800 platinum right off the bat and use that currency to buy something you really need/want like a Legendary gem. Some of the 5-star gems that are 1mil+ platinum for example.

    Depending on your group farming, you could potentially even buy more (25% increased cost) than the daily limit, in hopes of getting charms. I don't know of any other way to obtain charms other than battle pass, and the quests reliably, so this vendor is the easiest and most cost effective method that I have found thus far. I probably get 2 Charms per day on average from the vendor, and I have upgraded 2 charms to rank 5 thus far and sold it for 600 platinum already. So it seems to be a feasible method to get a p2w currency using in-game methods.

    Edit #1 : I just want to clarify why this is a MASSIVE deal. When you have normal gems, they can only go up to Rank 5. The Ruby/Topaz etc.. In order to go PAST Rank 5, you MUST buy these Echo items off the vendor on the far left of the Jeweler for 500 Platinum Each. I do not know how many it requires to upgrade at each break point past Rank 5. Yet. I will find out shortly as I have a few at Rank 3 right now so. I'll work on it. Keep buying your gems at the Hilt vendor every day if you can afford it!
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    Yep this is a great way to do it.
    Finding main skill ones from builds on maxroll can net you a ton.

    Thank you
    "the true wow experience is Maclone"

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