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    THUD - 2.6.7 era - THUD verging on malware (KJ going off the rails)

    Hi, sad to have to start this thread, but as a very longtime user i feel i had to get some things off my chest about the state of THUD.

    Normally im a lurker (a silent user, but active in the D3 community), and to be honest i extremely grateful for the all hard work that has gone into the TH project by KJ and all the plugin addon developer community. That said, somethings are going very wrong with the direction of travel with the thought/logic behind development decisions that KJ is undertaking presently.

    1) KJ believes that some kind of third party exploitation of THUD is somehow putting the 'ethos' and TH project in some kind danger or going against his T&C (this was fine and a lofty goal, however, its now borderlines narcissistic behaviour and to be frank is approaching paranoia that he believes large or small sections of the userbase are somehow going against the T&C of KJ and exploiting TH unfairly. Please see threads regarding banning china, automation tools and of course pixel search (please excuse the irony here, but if you go to blizz forum, they all think vanilla TH is exploiting unfairly).

    The result of point 1, is that now more and more restrictions are being placed on users who enable TH as a process, its even got to the point we cannot even 'cut and copy/paste in the operating system' whilst TH is running anymore, i mean text from any source chrome, text pad to any other window such as discord or TS or whatever, i mean that is way beyond the kind of 'anti-exploitation' shit companies would ever dare do, including blizzard, EA etc, this is borderline malware and infringes on actions nothing to do with TH.

    Some will argue that pixel search is as well, and measure around its prevention an overstep on KJ behalf, and was totally unnecessary over-reaction, there was even talk of something preventing AHK from running whilst TH was running.

    My conclusion is that KJ should focus making the project open-source, he constantly says he doesn't get enough beer money to cover his costs, if your stomach cannot accept the evolution of the use of TH, developing 'counter-measures' is a dead end path. What is in fact happening is, the community you are trying hard to discourage is working doubly hard to circumvent your .exe, and rollback your damage. You will now be in a cat / mouse game where the idea of TH is dead, and all you do is spend time lamenting the 'good old days' and how you've been abused, diablo 3 has been abused by very own community who used TH and working on ever more restrictive nonsense in the binary to thwart 0.01% of the TH user base.

    2) The 'Moral high-ground'

    KJ takes a moral position on the automation of skills in diablo3 with or without TH in the mix. Think about this absurd idea for a second, the D3 community as represented by blizz themselves and the forum warriors on the blizz official sites take the same moral stance against TH, AHK, or macros or anything that doesn't have the official 'blue post' acceptance of blizztards. You yourself are seen by the puritan players as worse than worse, you feel that anyone who automates is also worse than worse and goes against your moral stance.

    Ultimately blizz will or will not ban as they see fit. Your not responsible for the action of users KJ. This project from day 1 regardless of how your make TH work it's seen as 'embarrassment' to blizz as it shows up poor GUI and flawed logic in not allowing third-party GUI overlays to the data - structures present in D3. They maintain this PR stance about 'against the T&C, unfair advantage' but this is smokescreen. I mean how can seeing players names on the mini-map be considered unfair in all honesty without laughing off your chair.

    Nothing you do, will change the minds at blizz. They have invested 100s of comments over 5+ years in totally refuting TH.

    3) finally - my personal choice

    Im free as are all users to make decisions for myself. For me D3 is finally a dead game. TH made is enjoyable (although d3 content is so repetitive), and was the only serious development this game had enjoyed for many years (the season themes didnt even go close enough in terms of new content to hold interest for me). Third party hacks on Third party programs is now getting ridiculous state of affairs and im not going to support TH by using it anymore, and thus i will not play D3 anymore. The moral grandstanding is sad, its even more sad to see it emerge in this forum on this site and with this project.

    RIP TH, RIP 2019.

    (off topic a little - but the case for automation and auto-cast, isn't always about getting unfair advantage - many things can give unfair advantage. Please consider not everyone has the ability to use there hands/fingers in the same way. Injuries, loss of digits and other reasons prevent some in the user community from pressing 1234 and click left/right a million times per 4 hr session of d3, this is true in so many games, perhaps these people should not play games that require hands & fingers all to be 100% efficient)
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