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    Together we can find the Pylon Spawn opportunity

    So my reasoning is it the addons:
    [V7.2] [ENGLISH] [Gigi] RiftTrackerPlugin
    To expand
    The addon would have every second the progress, Disconnected pylon spots, Found pylons, Pylons released ect memory.
    If we can relate the progress depending on the Rift level, Pylon Spots levels, and other data, it would be possible to find a relatively accurate if not the formula for Pylon Spawn.

    Of course, the format of the file with all the data would be interesting. Exel would be a good way to evaluate the data.

    Unfortunately, I'm not gifted enough to program

    What do you think about that.
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    Pylon spawn are always coupled to a probability, some data is already known (correct me, if i'm wrong);

    - every GR is set at the beginning to 2-4 pylons
    - type of pylon (conduit, shield, channeling, speed, might) is random
    - a pylon of the same type can not spawn twice in a GR
    - a pylon cannot spawn on discovered ground
    - the pylon spawn rate raises with rift progress and eventually can reach 100%
    - if there is a pylon not spawned yet and progress is at 96 %, the pylon will spawn on the next spot

    Some user experience witch might help understanding;
    - I had GR with 3 pylons right next to each other, meaning even with a low probability, pylon can/will spawn
    - Once you reached a certain threshold, you can "force"-spawn a pylon: if you discover a full stage and do there 40 % of progress afterwards -> next stage you got a guaranteed pylon at the first spot

    This is pretty much all the knowledge (despite thousands of hrs experience) I have about pylons and i have a pretty good feeling, when a pylon should spawn. However, back to the topic; a formula of any kind could be at best a spawn possibility. What should be easy and a nice addon is a tracker of already taken pylons.



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