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    [V9.0] [ENG] [RNN] MyBuffs

    Supported TurboHUD version: 9.x

    It shows the list of Buffs that affect our character separated into categories, in addition the possibility of showing the skills and runes that are being used has been added.
    In order not to saturate the screen, some of them will be hidden because they are not very relevant or useful. If we assign ShowBuffsExcluded the value true we can see which are, in a separate category.
    The information provided by this plugin will not be useful to everyone, it may interest plugin creators or users who want to obtain necessary data (Buff sno and index, rune of skill, ..) to configure some of them.

    Function keys:
    Shift+F7 Show/Hide
    Control+F7 Toggle between showing all buffs, the actives or only those with limited duration and with timeleft>0
    Alt+F7 Change the position of the text on the screen, it will move to the current mouse position.

    Installation: Place in "plugins\RNN\MyBuffs.cs"

    Download: MyBuffs.cs

    Custom code (Plugins\User\PluginEnablerOrDisablerPlugin.cs) :

    	Hud.GetPlugin<RNN.MyBuffs>().Enabled = true;
    	Hud.RunOnPlugin<RNN.MyBuffs>(plugin => 
    		plugin.ShowBuffsExcluded = true;  // Show also Buffs excluded (Using control+ F7)
    	}  );
    Thanks to JarJarD3 for helping me improve the code of this plugin and add extra features.
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