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    Getting the most from Boon of the Hoarder

    Just wanted to share a little setup thay I'm using. Half of my playtime I play through TeamViewer and I'm only doing normal rifts/bounties then because of input lag. So I've decided to give the Boon of the Hoarder a go and it works nice WITH a proper setup. I can't be arsed to run & pick gold, so I'm using Avarice Band ring, which extends your pickup radius each time you pickup gold, stacking up to 30:
    Avarice Band - Game Guide - Diablo III

    Additional items are:

    Gladiator Gaunlets for additional money drops
    Gladiator Gauntlets - Game Guide - Diablo III

    Reaper's Wraps - extended radius means more health globes, means I can run more without stopping
    Reaper's Wraps - Game Guide - Diablo III

    Goldskin - moar gold
    Goldskin - Game Guide - Diablo III

    I'm playing seasonal Barbarian, so the gold still matters to me. While I know farming The Vault is the best way, I think it's still nice alternative for ppl without access to gear needed for higher torments.

    EDIT: On normal rift while speedrunning I make around 300-500k a pop, opening another rift immediately after I killed RG.
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