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    The Fat Pague Doctor - A witch doctor guide

    The FAT Plague Doctor

    First off, let me credit MrMuffles.This build is something he tried out for fun and uses while farming. I took his build, and started to play with it. This is my guide on how to improve his build and his tactics.

    The build
    Mouse 1 - Locust Swarm//Searing Locusts
    Mouse 2 - Firebats//Plague Bats

    Defensive 1 - Spirit Walk//Honored Guest or Healing Journy
    Defensive 2 - Horrify//Frightening Aspect

    Terror 1 - Soul Harvest//Siphon

    Voodoo 1 - Big Bad Voodoo//Rain Dance
    Passive 1 - Jungle Fortitude

    Passive 2 - Vision Quest
    Passive 3 - Bad Medicine
    Witch Doctor - Game Guide - Diablo III

    Pros n Cons
    This part I have copied from MrMuffles, he explains the pros and cons with this build excellent.

    One of the highest damage output builds I've tested so far for tank docta. You deal significant AoE damage, and respectable single target damage.
    Bats are more mana efficient than bears, but still spread poison for bad medicine. Plagued bats also have a DoT component, which isn't listed in the skill description. If you find yourself low on mana, firing bats in 2-3 second bursts can maintain 100% damage upkeep. Then, during the DoT ticking (about 4-5 ticks), you can shoot off a couple Fire Darts for even more damage.
    Much better range and ease-of-use than Toads. Also eliminates the annoying Toad-shout, and looks so much cooler as well.
    Even though it's a VQ build, it's still very unique compared to the rest. Have you ever even used Plagued Bats?

    Super mana reliant. Even with VQ, you're going to find yourself running out of mana at inopportune times. Try not to spam bats 24/7 to counteract this. Keep an eye on cooldowns and mana.
    VQ forces you to blow cooldowns when you normally wouldn't want, just to juice back up. This is probably the biggest con. I sometimes have to blow Horrify on nothing, or Mass Confusion on white mobs, just to keep my mana up.
    No spirit vessel! It's almost like playing hardcore! One chance, don't die. Some people might be turned off by this. I only recommend this build if you're farming an area you're comfortable with. Not an act you're trying to progress through.

    LoH = Bad, you're not using abilities which will grant you health back on hit. Therefore this skills pretty much useless.
    Int = Perfect, it gives us more damage and boosts all of our resistances. Prio this skills with a couple of others.
    Str = Good, boosts our armor.
    Dext = Decent, boost our dodge.
    Resists = Perfect, boosts our overall survival versus pretty much everything. Both phys and magic resists are good. Prio this with intellect.
    Life Regen = Good, you will be kiting a lot with this build and you don't got any LoH stats.
    Thorns = Decent, you'll find uses for it but I personally hate it. Deal damage when things hit you? No thank you.

    My current stats (Just started on act 3)
    380 str
    314 dext
    1381 int
    1274 vit

    5182 armor
    600 all resist
    700 phys resist

    53,391 health
    285 lps

    15844 damage

    This is a dot n run type of build. You want to have searing locusts on your target(s) all the time while having the plague bat dot on them as well. Most players who haven't used this ability think it's just initial damage while channeling, it's actually a dot. Try it out and you'll see that the target will take full damage for 1,5 sec after canceling the spell.

    Due to the insane mana cost and lack of mana gear you need to run VIsion Quest on your plague doctor. Due to running VQ, you need to have 4 abilities who can grant you a cooldown. So no splinters, bears, dire bats etc. You want Spirit Walk for obvious reasons, Horrify for the armor bonus on use, Soul Harvest for a heal and damage boost and finally, Big Bad Voodo for damage uptime on bosses/champion packs.

    Videos will be added over time

    Inferno Act 2 - Belial Kill The FAT Plague Doctor - Act 2 Inferno Belial - YouTube Low dps so died the second I killed him due to enrage timer.

    --- Will edit this post over time, this is not even near to finished. ---
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    Oh I expected a glasscannon zombiebearspam build but it isnt! lol

    The builds seems fine, but you really think you need a shield? you're losing A LOT of dps switching a WD offhand for a shield, just to gain not that much survivality... Really, offhands improves your dps a lot, still it's your choice if you want/need to sacrifice it for a shield

    Will try this when I gear up my wd, seems funny

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    This build is a lot funnier than the usual Zombiebearspamglasscannonrainingtoads build, I strongly recommend you to try it!

    I don't think it's necessarily for act 1-2 but for the later acts you'll need to squeeze out every tiny bit of survival as you aint going for a full tank build.

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