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    How to run multiple instances of D3 without copying maps.

    First i want to say that i do not own this guide nor i found this out.
    The original threat can be found here.
    This is pretty much a copy and past of the original threat but this is some
    pretty nice information for someone that does not have the needed space
    to bot with serval accounts.


    1. Open diablo III install location (Windows 7: C:/Program Files/Diablo III)
    2. Right click .agent.db -> Open with...
    3. Select program from list, select Notepad
    4. Locate:

    "supports_multibox" : false,

    5. Change to:

    "supports_multibox" : true,

    6. File -> Save
    7. Viola

    What I added after doing the above was:
    On the shortcut to D3
    add a space and then -launch after the quotes in the target line
    Mine looks like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe" -launch
    Note the space between " and -
    This prevents an update from "repairing" what we just did.

    Some may have to (I personally did not)
    8. Go to C:\ProgramData\
    9. remove directory Agent

    Not the start in line.

    How to run multiple instances of D3 without copying maps.-d3launch-jpg
    Please dont forget the space :-)

    Note: If you cannot get this to work simply copying and pasting the whole D3 folder (with game closed) so that the new copy has a different name will work. You must create a shortcut for the 2nd folder as the default one will still point to the original installation.

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    i can run 2 clients , but cant join/host games with 2nd client

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