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    Diablo III - DiIiS

    Hello, everyone who wants to try what I am doing, or who want to help in this project, welcome.
    This is DiIiS - no need to ask what the modifier means, I will not answer) This is an amateur project to recreate the mechanics of Diablo III. The base was made on one of the latest builds of Mooege. Now, after 2 months of very active work, the project in reality is very far from his “Father”.The project was founded for those who wanted to play Diablo III without the Internet, anywhere and anytime, or on the local network.So. What do you need?Game Client Version
    1. Download client version, unpack: https://mega.nz/#!shlWVTSD!dHzQOlmkJ...ZZsPAM_GUCN4dg
    2. Download the patch to version, unpack it in the folder with the game.: https://mega.nz/#!NUVEQS7D!MVXpHf3lv...8MBJnTdRieWhCo
    3. Add the patched Exe file: https://mega.nz/#!QIMWGAYY!7wXrpJY4A...5pJ6GYpF7Q2e_A
    To Download

    Current Status - Free Build 84 ( 11/26/2018 ) (Update Every day, see in Discord Channel):
    * You can Login, create characters(and hardcore mode), see stats of class of you account(Thanks NecrosummoN) and enter world.

    * Quests of First Act:
    * The Fallen Star quest working in 100%.
    * Legacy of Cain quest working in 95%.
    * A Shattered Crown quest working in 85%.
    * Reign of the Black King quest working in 90%.
    * Sword Of Justice quest working in 90%
    * Nephalem Power quest working in 90%
    * Attack Town quest working in 95%
    * Trailing The Coven working in 80%
    * The Imprisoned Angel working in 75%
    * Rescue To Tristram working in 100% (Lol)
    * And yes, in Practice you can go through the first act in solo now =)

    * Active Skills working in 60% and 10% of Passive Skills
    * Custom Drop System v0.2 (Now Testing).
    * Custom Saving System v1.2. (Now Default Active all quest of First Act)
    * Custom Spawn System v0.1
    * Minimap System v0.8
    * "Pocket" Teleport =)
    * Waypoint System v0.9 (Now activated all Waypoints for tests)
    * Hirelings System - very buggy.
    * Working with

    For more information, discussion,bug report, support or communication with me, welcome to Discord:
    P.S. I am the only developer and owner of DiIiS, in spite of this I have enough time for active development. Regardless, for those who want to support, welcome to Patreon:AiDiEnGeL is creating Game software development | Patreon
    As a reward, you get a more recent version, at the moment when I build, and not one update per day.

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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