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    [HELP]Anyone get the address of functions in UI element VTable?

    I'd like to get tooltip without calling window API SetCursoPos and PostMessage, so I need to call the VMT function in UI element Table, like these(got from DarthTon's framework):

    struct UIComponentVirtualTable
    	void *u_0[7];
    	void (__thiscall *event)(UIComponent *self, int *, UIEvent *event);
    	void *u_1[4];
    	void (__thiscall *mouse_move)(UIComponent *self);
    	void *u_2[4];
    	void (__thiscall *mouse_enter)(UIComponent *self);
    	void (__thiscall *mouse_leave)(UIComponent *self);
    	void *u_3[14];
    	void (__thiscall *set_text)(UIComponent *self, const char *text, int);
    	void *u_4[2];
    	void (__thiscall *switch_state)(UIComponent *self, int, int);
    But I haven't got the address of these functions, especially mouse_enter and mouse_leave.

    [HELP]Anyone get the address of functions in UI element VTable?

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