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    [REQUEST] Follow script (for ros-bot grifts)

    Hey Guys.
    So we're a few friends who have been using ros-bot for griftings at night.
    But as a previous newbie coder I got a bit intriged and tried to code something on my own without great succes.

    Basically Ros-bot does not have a multiplayer function, but you can tag along grifts on your own. This got the idea that it could be possible to make a script that follows the bot till the end of the grift and upgraded gems etc.

    What I am looking for is something with similiar interests and the skills required. My idea:

    1. Accept grift when it pops up
    2. Follow the leader/captain (The initial ros-bot running)
    3. use ZyHelper to cast abilities
    4. Upgrade gems and pick up loot
    (5). Salvage/Gamble/Stash <- This will most likely require a lot of coding, but we're mainly here for the xp
    5. Wait for next grift to be opened

    Would this be possible for someone in here to create? If done well, I am more than willing to throw in a donate as thanks for the help and I know that it would be a highly popular script on most diablo 3 botting forums.

    best regards,

    [REQUEST] Follow script (for ros-bot grifts)

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