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    AutoHotKey Change active weapon to right hand weapon

    Hello, this is my first post here but i though some people can be interested in this script i made.

    I play a dual wield monk on Diablo III. Some skills use the active weapon to calculate their damage. That mean if the active weapon is your left hand (which is most of the time with lower damage), you will lost ą lot of dps when you activate a skill/buff.

    I just now that is very usefull for Sweeping winds but other class may use it to (i don't know the other skill from other class how they scale their damage).

    The script use pixel searching and works for a 1920x1080 resolution.

    Copy paste this in a txt file and rename it to WhatDoYouWant.ahk (Of course you need AutoHotKey to be installed to make this working AutoHotkey Downloads)

    /* This script is to easy change the active weapon for your right hand in Diablo III. A lot of skills do not reset the active weapon
    to the main hand.

    To make the script work properly, you need to edit line 27 (See comment at this line)

    The script work for a 1920x1080 resolution but it's easy to change for another one with the tool provided with Autohotkey called
    Autoit3 window spy. (Edit line 36, 38, 43)

    also my shortcut to open my inventory is I, change it if your shortcut is different at line 33.

    By default commands are Mouse4 to look at your active weapon(line 29) and F12 to close the script (line 58 ).

    #IfWinActive, Diablo III
    #MaxThreadsPerHotkey 1
    #SingleInstance force

    SetMouseDelay, 0 ;make move the mouse and clicks very fast(it makes the script more detectable. You can delete this line if you don't want take the risk).

    ;Random function
    Random(min,max) {
    Random, out, %min%, %max%
    return out

    ;Edit this to your picture location.(example imageLoc = C:\Picture\AW.png JPG BMP PNG supported) /!\ The Picture is the Atk speed of your right hand weapon.
    imageLoc = C:\AW.png

    ;search for active weapon
    Xbutton1:: ;Edit this to change the hotkey (Xbutton1 = mouse4, Xbutton2 = mouse5). Example: hotKey = F1
    BlockInput, On
    MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos
    send, {SPACE}
    send, {I}
    MouseClick, left, % Random(1463,1583), % Random(454,477)
    sleep, % random(50,200)
    ImageSearch, , , 1258, 217, 1331, 252, %imageLoc%
    if ErrorLevel = 1
    send, {SPACE}
    send, {SHIFTDOWN}
    MouseClick, left, % Random(1040,1256), % Random(910,974)
    send, {SHIFTUP}
    else if ErrorLevel = 2
    MsgBox Problem! Something wrong with the image location or the picture name.
    send, {SPACE}
    else if ErrorLevel = 0
    send, {SPACE}
    MouseMove, %xpos%, %ypos%
    BlockInput, Off

    ;Close script
    You also need a screen of your right hand atk speed in your detail windows like this:
    ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting


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