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    [Immortal bot] How to level (a monk)

    Hi there

    First guide, so be gentle with the comments.

    I figured IŽd share a easy viable way to level a toon with Immortal bot (found Here)
    In this case I used a monk, seeing that they are, in my opinion, best for botting.

    I started off manually leveling the toon to level 20, gave it around 50k for some upgrades and it was ready to go.
    Mainly bought dex/vit/experiance items, also dont forget to get a helmet with socket for exp gem.

    So here's where I leveled
    Manually up til 20, although from 17-20 you could just do first pack inside Leoric's Manor which gives very good exp.
    20-37, Core of Arreat (reversed) Normal, this part is fairly quick. Good to get some new gear at around 27 and then before you proceed.
    37-42, Halls of agony lv 2 (reversed) Nightmare the bot will die/leave alot so this will be slow, unless you have gear.
    43, I played it manually with first pack inside Leoric's Manor.
    43-54, Core of Arreat (reversed) Nightmare. Starts off slow, will probably leave at each elitepack, but just let it roll.
    55-60, Core of Arreat (reversed) Hell. Same as above.

    This took me aprox, 2 days (~24 hours of botting). Paid back the initial 50k and then some + the gear that was bought.

    I didnt' pay much attention to my skills, but "way of the hundred fist" (Later with fist of fury rune) was pretty good.

    At the begining of each new area, you might want to set the repair at every game. Seeing that more often then not they will probably quit the game before getting the chance to teleport. Later you could set it to every 2-3 games.

    I also kept going with 1 minute 30 sec runs.

    Hope this "guide" helps. If there is any uncertainties, feel free to ask! And give some feedback ^^'
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    So in between leveling various difficulties you had someone port you to the final waypoint to kill diablo? You had to kill him in order to unlock difficulties right?



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