• Five 9.1 Additions That Look Great

    As 9.0.5 is coming closer to its end 9.1 is being tested on the PTR and there has been a lot of neat finds. Shadowlands so far has been hit or miss depending who you ask. Some say it lacks content while others complain its still to alt unfriendly. No matter which side of the coin you fall on I think we can all agree the art team, similar to previous expansions, carries the show. Here are 5 things coming in 9.1 that are great additions to Shadowlands.

    1: Transmog additions

    Yes you read this correctly. One of the top 5 coolest things coming to 9.1 are customization features for your character. World of Warcraft is one of the least customizable character creations but over time has made transmog customizations some of the best in the business. Two unique features being added to the customization wheel are shoulder transmogs can be done separately now. This means your right shoulder and left shoulder can be two totally different shoulders armors. Very cool if you ask me. Another addition is glasses. Unlike your engineering goggles and select sunglasses to transmog from Blizzard is now adding glasses straight to the customization options for each race. Here's what they look like.

    2: Blizzard Adding Mythic+ Score Feature in Patch 9.1

    If you play dabble in Mythic + you understand how big this is. Raider.io right now is basically the end all be all of mythic + scoring. With the in game addon you can see what peoples Mythic + ELO are and help yourself to choose between 5 mages who are 223-226 ilvl. There are people who are super anti raider.io but it really does help you find people in the same skill bracket when filling for keys. On the other side a bunch of people become elitist and gatekeep very worthy players from joining their keys even though they themselves don't have a great raider.io but no system is perfect and more information on a player is better than less.
    Our system is designed to reward players for running higher and higher Mythic+ keys and completing them on time. We built the system with two primary motivations:
    We wanted to reward players for successfully running higher and higher keys, so we made the base value of a dungeon increase exponentially — just like the difficulty of the dungeons themselves.
    We wanted to more heavily reward those that are completing dungeons on time, so we also added a penalty system that reduces the value of a run as it goes further and further over time.
    - Raider.IO

    The question now becomes what and how Blizzard will implement this system. According to raider.io Blizzard have been in contact with them and the system will be designed in a similar way to Raider.IO

    3: Sanctum of Domination Raid[/SIZE]

    Even when WoW feels dead out in the open world one thing almost always holds true. Raids in WoW own. Even expansions people look back on with disgust like WoD you'll find people who raided seriously during that period saying "well wait a second...the raids in WoD were some of the best ever." No matter how "bad" WoW can feel at times pushing yourself in a raiding environment is unmatched in gaming.
    Sanctum of Domination seems like one of those raids where gameplay & story will come together to create an incredible player experience.
    - BellularGaming

    Spoilers Boss List Incoming

    • The Tarragrue

    • The Eye of the Jailer

    • The Nine

    • Encounter based around Sylvanas' Valkyrs

    • Remnant of Ner'zhul

    • Soulrender Dormazain

    • Painsmith Raznal

    • Guardian of the First Ones

    • Fatescribe Roh-Kalo

    • Kel'Thuzad

    • Sylvanas Windrunner

    If you ask me this is a stacked lineup of bosses. The Dark Lady, Kel'Thuzad, and the remnants of the original Lich King himself Ner'zhul. What more can you ask for. Oh I know...Dope Items. How about the Dark Lady's bow or a trinket referencing Saurfang himself? If you want to check out the #1 guild Complexity Limit do some raid testing in 9.1 check out this VOD

    4: Mounts
    Mounts have become an integral part of World of Warcraft. They keep old raids relevant and collectors constantly dabbling in all aspects of the game. Collecting mounts has become one of the main reasons people even play the game anymore. Asmongold, WoW's biggest streamer, has embraced the mount culture with one of his staple forms of content being "mount offs". A competition to see who has the most mounts essentially. In 9.1 we are getting no shortage of dope new mounts with some really awesome animations.

    These are just a few of the many datamined which can be seen here. The hand mount at the top can apparently play rock, paper, scissors with its mount animation as well. So find a buddy with the hand mount as well and put something valuable on the line and get to work. All in all these mounts look dope and I am sure many mount enthusiasts are eager to start collecting.

    5: PvP Gear Changes

    If you played this patch at any level above casual you would know the drama behind PvP gear in 9.0. Right now PvP gear goes all the way up to 226 armor and 233 weapon by obtaining 2100 and 2400 in any form of rated PvP. This includes RBG's. To put into perspective how powerful this is the last Mythic raid boss drops 233 weapons. Barely over 200 guilds world wide have killed Mythic Sire Denathrius but well over 15,000 and climbing have obtained 2400 in any bracket world wide. This means that 4,000 people have got a "chance" at a 233 weapon at least once while PvPers have had them for 3+ months. This lead to many PvE mains putting together RBG groups and getting essentially a free 2400 by barely going 50% win rate. Imagine the advantage you have going into Mythic raiding with gear equivalent to all the drops from all the bosses in ilvl that you haven't killed yet. Sure you might not be perfectly itemized but Blizzard has made main stat SO powerful in Shadowlands for the sake of "we want ilvl to almost always be the deciding factor on an upgrade" motto that even if your secondaries weren't ideal your main stat carried so hard it didn't matter since the iLvL was so high. Either way all of this drama can be put to rest in 9.1.

    Blizzard has officially confirmed that PvP gear in Patch 9.1 will be returning to a WoD-style system, with PvP gear receiving +13 Item Levels in PvP, but the baseline item level of these items will be reduced by 6 item levels.

    PvP gear is now lower item level base but inside PvP will be +7 ilvls. Getting 2400 will still be great for weapons by 1 item level but it is not nearly as dramatic as it was in 9.0.

    This doesn't make PvP bad to do well in but doesn't make it overpowered either. A great fix and actually the opposite of how they did it in WoD if you remember since WoD PvP gear was tuned down not up in PvP making it completely garbage outside of PvP.

    Have any additions you want to add to my list of 5 Great Things coming in 9.1? Reply below!
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