• OwnedCore Report #133 - WoW Drama and World First Raiding

    Greetings and happy holidays to those who celebrate/celebrated. This week's Report will go over the recent drama with Mythic Dungeon Tools, the world first race, and more!

    Spoilers Ahead

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    Mythic Dungeon Tools

    I asked an OC member TehVoyager to share their thoughts on the situation.

    Hey, I briefly looked into this.

    Yeah, it appears that the addon developer Nnoggie seems to be going through some type of stress recently. It does appear that he's trying to devise a method (pun not intended) to bypass Blizzard's ban on add-on subscription fees, in a similar way to other paid add-ons, such as Zygors (not that blizzard has ever really enforced that well). I’m not sure the path he's chosen is going to work n the long run, but if it comes down to it, he could simply go full zygors, providing his addon for free, but only through the paid downloader/updater application.

    I haven't used MDT recently (until this expansion, I was not super interested in M+, was more into raiding) but with how widespread MDT is (much more so than Zygors), this could also lead to some kind of formal response from blizzard as well. Finally.

    For now, it appears there is a GPL2.0 fork on GitHub called (kind of hilariously) ManbabyDungeonTools

    In terms of “is this a cool thing to do” … I have mixed feelings about this. To make this change at Christmas, when a lot of people were probably not paying a lot of attention, and to do it with no forewarning or notice ahead of time was a pretty shiesty thing to do. I’ve also heard reports that he’s trying to remove the mob data from older versions of the addon as well (I couldn’t find confirmation of this, so don’t take it as fact). It means that people who may choose not to update were more likely to miss the notice.

    In terms of the addon developer wanting payment for the work he does… I’m perfectly in favour of that. He does a lot of work for his addon, wanting to make some money from it is not a ridiculous thing. My issue with how MDT, and Zygors by extension, have chosen to go about it is the issue for me. Addon’s need to be available free of charge, in a working condition. That’s what blizzards addon guidelines state (in my interpretation of it, anyway, there are others as well). If developers want to make money off the addon, patron subs for additional access to things (input for future changes, more direct access to the dev, private discord access, etc.) is the way to go, at least in my opinion.
    A link below is somebody who posted the addon in one of our own thread


    Do you use Mythic Dungeon Tools? If so what are your thoughts?

    World First Race

    Oh the world first race in World of Warcraft. The gem of Blizzard esports that they refuse to backup yet make changes in the game based around it (i'm looking at you scarce pve looting system in Shadowlands right now). The world first race is basically half great content and half drama at this point. It usually goes something like this.

    EU: "NA have headstart by X amount of hours"

    NA: "NA has to deal with the bugs and they're fixed for you when you get there"

    At the end of the day if you're a fan of the world first race and are from EU or NA you probably are in favor of a global release. It takes away all the what ifs? Scripe, RL for Echo, has openly watched Limit pulls from the day prior. Does that even out the advantage of time they had? How many pulls does it shave off to see what type of composition walls Limit ran into and figuring out best Lust times? 50? 100? None? These are all things that diminish the integrity of the race because nobody truly knows the answers. We have our favorite team and if they win were happy and if they lose we come up with excuses as to why. It's the nature of the beast. Blizzard could get rid of the biggest excuse of them all with just a little bit of support but will not. The question is why? Are they not capable of a global release? I would argue they are. Oddly enough they did a global release for the 15 year old raid Naxxramas that just recently came out for Classic WoW. Yes, that's right. Naxxramas was released as a global release on a Thursday. We had the most fair world first race to date in WoW history on 15 year old content....

    So why not retail? What exactly is stopping them? Nobody truly knows. There are some BS answers from old interviews but in reality its a guessing game as to why Blizzard won't do it. Let's talk about the kill itself shall we?

    Limit took just about 8 days to kill the entire raid with 1 reset in there. The last boss took 292 attempts which is higher than their N'Zoth attempts. According to Veyloris, Limit's Treasurer, they spent 331 million gold on this raid tier.

    The last boss was killed with an average item level of 221 according to Warcraft Logs. This to me is a very high number but seems very obtainable especially if you PvP.
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      TehVoyager -
      wait, since when am i a mod?

      EDit: As a quick correction: it looks like as/after this article was posted (and thank you, Kenneth, for asking for my opinion here, FeelsGoodMan), the Author of ManbabyDungeonTools renamed the project to just "Dungeon Tools." it's available here: GitHub - LetsTimeIt/DungeonTools: Fork of Nnoga's Mythic Dungeon Tools addon to restore mob data and improve upon the base code!
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