• OwnedCore Report #127 - Prepatch is live! >Sponsored by Eldorado<

    The Shadowlands prepatch is now live! Let's dive into what's in store.

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    Shadowlands Pre-Patch

    There are changes galore in WoW right now and if you have not logged in yet and explored around yourself let this be a reasonable catch-up mechanic to what is in store!

    • Customizations

    There are a lot of new customization options especially for the older races in the game. Not only are there new hair colors, skin colors, and piercings, but there's unique additions to each race as well. As seen below Night Elves can add burn marks (Rip Teldrasil) and leaves into their hair. Also changing your characters gender is free and now an option via the barbershop. These goblins are getting good at cutting hair.

    • Exile's Reach

    There is now a new starting zone that is mandatory for new players without max level characters but also an option for veteran players to try out as well. It is a 1-10 zone for both factions that basically teaches you the ropes of the game from the very foundation of just moving your character, killing mobs, and looting. At the end is also the Darkmaul Citadel dungeon which is a 1-5 player dungeon so you don't have to find a group it can be soloed if nobody else is in queue. It is a fantastic new adventure that I have personally tried myself last night and I think this is a great change for the game especially to help new eyes and the younger generation get their feet wet with World of Warcraft.

    • You can see if a name is available without actually clicking "Create Character" and waiting to see.

    This is a small change but sometimes the quality of life stuff is the most overlooked but also the best.

    • Terokkar Forest Dungeons show which is which

    Another small change but before you had to either read the flags, know from experience, or google it everytime you went to farm Raven Lord. But now all it takes is a simple hover over

    • Lots of Class changes came with this patch. With corruption being completely cleansed, new abilities, and class tuning a ton of classes that used to bottom the meters are now topping them.

    • You no longer need to close wow to install addons

    This is another insane quality of life. With the prepatch here you no longer need to close wow to install new addons, after installing them just do /reload and they'll pop up. With addons being in shambles right now its also really nice for the prepatch let alone for the rest of our WoW careers.

    These are most of the changes to pre-patch so far. The big event has not happened yet with the invasions but that most likely will come closer to Shadowlands actual release!
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