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    WoW Classic has been a game of nostalgia ruined by the 2020 meta for many. A game where you geared weirdly, did random things in the world, and had professions that just meant something to you even if they didn't always make the most money are over. But what if I told you Classic WoW had a style of play with a community behind it that closely resembles to how you remember the old days. A style where professions that have been left in the shadow are on the forefront. This is Classic Hardcore.

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    Classic WoW Hardcore

    Just like your favorite ARPG's such as Path of Exile and Diablo 3 there is a mode where people who are tired of just blazing through content with only speed in their mind and death is just an inconvenience. This mode is Hardcore. The main premise? Die and you're character is deleted. In Path of Exile and Diablo 3 if you play softcore as many call the main mode your main focus is doing as much damage as fast as possible and if you die it just sets you back as far as speed. In hardcore stats, builds, and playstyles that most people in softcore completely ignore come into fruition. Because of this a lot of people tend to flock to the hardcore mode. Others can't fathom losing all the time they have invested but hardcore players would argue your time isn't worth much on softcore either.

    Classic WoW has recently become a game of following guides, simming your character, geared optimally, and let's not forget world buffs. Essentially it is a min max meta just like most games that come out these days. And realistically it's nobodies fault but our own as the gaming community. Everybody wants an edge and eventually so many people shoot for the top that the top becomes the norm and a new top arises. It's very human if you think about it and happens in all aspects of life. It is just easier to do it in Classic because the game was made in a time where information and answers weren't as accessible and quick to obtain. So what is Classic Hardcore all about?

    For starters it is a community. Each region has a server hand chosen to make your characters on and a guild will be waiting for your arrival on both factions once your character is made. These realms are all PVE and yes we get it, hardcore on a PvP server would be more....hardcore but also more RNG + streamers would 100% just get ganked therefore PVE is consistent. Once you make your character and join the guild you are now on your way to earning your freedom. That's right. Hitting 60 means you are free to do whatever you want with the character and die as many times as you please. Until then you are subject to all of Azeroth's dangers more than ever before because if you die you must delete your character. This main rule makes the leveling portion of Classic WoW much more than it has ever been before. Your time is hanging in the balance and every decision you make holds more weight than it ever has. Wan't to speed up a quest and do a double pull? Let's hope you don't accidentally aggro a third. Trying to clear out a cave for a quest? Better hope the humanoids dont run and aggro more! The list goes on and on. You might be thinking well I'll just get boosted, carried, or make my character bis gear as I go. Wrong. Let me introduce you to some other rules.

    1) No Auction House and No Mailbox

    - This means no listing gear you find not suitable for you to make some gold, bag space will be an issue once again, and you cannot receive gold via other characters.

    2) No trading of any kind (even conjurables)

    - This also means no obtaining gold from other characters and all the sudden food and water has got expensive.

    3) No grouping in the open world

    - Elite quest? Named Mob Quest? Orange lvl Quest? Better pick your kill route wisely otherwise you might be starting over

    So as you can see things got a lot harder with just those 3 rules introduced into the mix. You might be asking yourself? Can't people cheat? Of course they can. But people can also cheat at solitaire. At the end of the day you're only cheating yourself. Not to mention if you want to be verified as somebody who completed the challenge within the community you must have video proof of the whole run uploaded to Youtube. If you don't care about verifications or egos you do not have to record. Some other rules to help the player out include.

    4) Dungeons are allowed
    - Only with other hardcore players and you can only run the dungeon once ever per character. So if you do a Deadmines you can never do it again on that toon. Also you have to be within the summoning stones minimum and maximum range to do the dungeon. This prevents any form of carrying from higher up Hardcore toons.

    5) Warlocks cannot use Soulstone, Shamans cannot use Ankh, and Paladins cannot Bubble Hearth.

    - Just to go along with the theme most importantly. Warlocks can use Healthstones but cannot trade them in dungeons unless with a duo (explained later).

    Don't want to level alone in Classic again and have a buddy interested? Look no further there is a duo option. The rules are mostly the same except for a few things.

    6) Must choose characters in same starting zone

    7) Must not leave same zone as each other

    - Flight path obviously not a big deal if one leaves earlier

    8] If one dies the other must fall on the sword and the run is over

    9) You can trade everything with each other just nobody else.

    If you want to learn more about Hardcore which I highly recommend you do if any of this has sparked an interest there is a gigantic community waiting for you. Everything and anything can be found on their website at Classichc.net . There are some rules I have not covered but there's a full fledged Discord which is linked on that website where you can ask any question before hand.

    My Personal opinion: I have been playing Classic since the beginning getting server fastest clears in all content and like many who have just blazed through AQ40 the day it came out the game is definitely getting a bit stale. This is a super fresh take on the game kind of similar to Iron Man in retail WoW. I am doing a duo character with a friend and we just hit 30 with 2 1/2 days played and let me tell you something. Those 2 1/2 days felt like 10. You are fully engaged when playing like this to the point that time slows down. Every decision, every route, it all matters. Skinning to make gold, tailoring to make bags, herb/alch for survivability, fishing and cooking for better food and buffs. It's all relevant again. Things lost in the current WoW meta have made their return in this mode. So far the community is young enough that it hasn't got too toxic (which most tend to get after the masses join) so I highly recommend joining in on the fun now. If you decide to hop in, good luck and be safe! I'll leave all of you with some Death Clips (One of my new favorite past times)

    26 Mage definitely not preparing before pulling

    25 Warrior feeling the wrath of murlocs

    Level 26 Hunter Makes some mistakes

    35 Shaman forgot caves are death traps

    56 Mage probably should have more keybinds

    46 Warrior experiences bug hell
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