• OwnedCore Report #121- Scarab Lord Grief + Reckful in SLands >Sponsored by RPGStash<

    There is nothing like WoW news and WoW drama. This week's Report will be covering just those things. For starters a guild in NA has been so toxic they ruined their chances at Scarab Lord. Lastly Blizzard pays tribute to the late Reckful by putting his character in Shadowlands.

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    Scarab Lord

    Scarab Lord. A title that most people have not come in contact with over their years of playing WoW. A title so rare that it comes with a legendary mount. The ultimate flex of being an o.g player of the game. Fast forward to 2020 where we are running the vanilla experience back and trying to do things we were incapable of back in 2005. This includes the legendary title Scarab Lord. On a realm called Sulfuras a guild called Grizzly did 98% of the turn ins for the war effort for both factions with the intention of getting 1 Scarab Lord and moving on so they can have the raid open as soon as possible because Grizzly also wanted to be the first C'Thun kill in NA. A raider known as Ahmpy won the guild bid at apparently 70,000 gold to earn the rights of the sole Scarab Lord. The farm began and a ton of collusion came with it. Many complained but realistically everybody wanted to collude and only some got it done. The hate I would categorize was more jealousy that they couldn't do what Grizzly was capable of doing. They had Horde guilds, one known as Amnesty, basically be paid mercenaries to kill all non Grizzly Alliance from entering the hives to farm the fragments needed to get Scarab Lord. This pissed a lot of people off.

    Not too long after Grizzly has all 42,000 fragments needed to get a Scarab Lord they move on to the quest line. Now Grizzly might have controlled one hive with their collusion but other Horde guilds have done similar things in the other 2 hives. This means Grizzly was not the only guild with 42,000 fragments. In the quest line after the fragments are obtained comes a green scepter quest where Grizzly was now griefing the Horde so they could not progress their Scarab Lord. Every Horde guild rallied together to zerg the boss down where Grizzly only had one option left after being outmanned 3-1. Mass Report System. If you don't know about this it has been something abused by players for years on WoW. If enough people report a player at any given time in any given window the player suffers an automatic ban because the system thinks "this cant be a coincidence". But this time it was a coincidence and it was planned. Grizzly, outnumbered, mass reports the only person in that 200 Horde zerg that matters and that is the future Scarab Lord player. He disconnects before being able to complete the quest. Here is footage of it happening.

    As you may expect this caused major outrage in the WoW community and ended up trending on Reddit and WoW related Twitter. The most ironic part of this was the person who got mass reported was from the guild Amnesty. That's right. The same guild that defended Grizzly to get their fragments safe and sound was now being punished by the same guild they defended. The irony is real.

    Grizzly is banned. Or are they. Some think they left the guild and logged off until it blew over faking "bans". There was no proof. Meanwhile the player mass reported? Unbanned by Blizzard since it was proven a false mass report. So now what? The race to Scarab Lord continues. The 10 hour war begins. It is during this 10 hour window that you have to complete the Scarab Lord quest chain to obtain the title/mount. Well the Horde was sick of Grizzly by this point and their way of life so they did what the Horde does best. Ruin an Alliance players dreams. See this 10 hour window is everything. If you don't finish the chain in the window all the farming is pointless. All the gold spent, all the time spent, everything. Horde realized you have to talk to a killable NPC in Tanaris so they camped it for 10 hours straight keeping it in combat constantly which in turn did not allow any Alliance member going for Scarab Lord, including Grizzly, to complete the chain in the 10 hour window.

    It's official. Grizzly and nobody on the Alliance gets Scarab Lord and almost all the Horde Scarab Lord racers get it. The sad angle is that there were some genuine Alliance players who did nothing wrong or had nothing to do with Grizzly's nonsense who also couldn't turn in the quest due to the Horde zerg and now paid the price that only Grizzly deserved.


    The late Reckful who passed a little over a month ago has been honored with in World of Warcraft found via the Shadowlands beta. He is now a Rogue trainer who does not train Assassination Rogues! This is an amazing homage because it is his exact character and iconic transmog but also Reckful was known for getting Rank 1 as Sub when the meta was Assassination at the time. There's even a famous picture of him not training Mutilate at all.
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