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    With a new expansion coming and beta in the players hands we have had some updates on what we can expect in Shadowlands.

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    Let's start visually. If you play retail WoW you know that everybody says the art team carries the expansion and Shadowlands is shaping up to be beautiful to say the least. So if the expansion flops at least it will look amazing! Here are some new models taken from WoWHead.

    The biggest gameplay change so far has to be that spell variance up to 5% is returning to WoW.

    In an upcoming build, most non-periodic abilities on all classes will have a small amount of variance on the damage or healing of each individual use.

    This was standard behavior in WoW for many years (and has its roots in familiar mechanics from many RPGs), but recently was lost as a side effect of some under-the-hood mechanical changes. We’re restoring this behavior now to bring back the small bit of texture, and avoid the result where using the same spell repeatedly results in exactly the same 3- or 4-digit number every time.

    We’re keeping the amount of variance small (5% currently), so that the impact on total performance, over the course of a combat with many events, is negligible.
    This has come with a decent amount of controversy. Why is RNG being added back into the game or at all. What some people don't realize as this is a very WoW thing and has existed all through WoW's tenure up to Legion. Popular WoW raider Slootbag had this to say about it.
    Some players play in a world where timers and checks are down to the second, and although unlikely, there is now a real possibility that a check is not met due to bad luck and poor RNG
    While the goal of this change is to infuse another element of standard RPGs back (it used to be this way) into this MMORPG, it risks to detriment one smaller group of players in modern WoW at seemingly little to no gain for others (fun/flavor I suppose for some) when so much choice and randomization already exists across the platform, although less so in Shadowlands
    Ion Hazzikostas , WoW's Lead Game Dev, responded to this saying:

    This isn't something we randomly dreamed up. It's how all WoW classes worked for 12+ years, how weapon damage works, as well as most mob damage. Changes to spell scaling in Legion broke the system for player spells, and we've reinstated the lost functionality.
    For those of you who don't know what spell variance means is that instead of a spell hitting for 100 each time it now hits between 95-105.

    A preview of the FREE gender changing in WoW via the barbershop. (These barbers are getting good)
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