• OwnedCore Report #119 - Shadowlands Developer Update >Sponsored by RPGStash<

    Greetings OC and welcome to another OC Report. There has been a lot happening in the Blizzard universe recently including Diablo 2's 20th anniversary, WoW Classic phase 5 announcement, and most importantly Shadowlands information. The next addition to the World of Warcraft saga is an expansion called Shadowlands and there was a developer update just yesterday going over some of the more important details in the next expansion. This OC Report will briefly break those details down.

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    Breakdown of Dev talk

    Most importantly Shadowlands is going into beta and you can opt in by clicking here

    • Heirlooms will no longer grant experience bonus in Shadowlands

    "That big experience bonus made a lot of sense in a world where you're talking potentially 100 hours to level up, or a large chunk of time to level; that big bump was something that we felt made a lot of sense. But in a world where our goal for leveling form 1-50 is much, much smaller, closer to 10-20 hours for people who are experienced with the game, or will find ways to do it even faster! We definitely know that part of what makes those heirlooms feel exciting and interesting was that unique experience bonus, so we do want to add something to replace that which will hopefully be equally as beneficial or feel unique and interesting for your level up experience, but not necessarily "here's a bunch of extra experience gain".
    • No new class/race combos in Shadowlands (RIP Tauren Mage dream once again)

    • Covenants are the center piece of the expansion and should feel like a sub-class

    • New Class animations in character creation selection screen

    • Soulbinds are like a covenant talent tree. The empty slots in the tree are conduits which are very similar to relics in legion that you plugged into the artifact weapon. You obtain these via dungeons, pvp, etc.

    • Conduits are spec specific where as the rest of the talents are not.

    • Some conduits are about utility, some are damage, and some are defensive.

    • To progress your covenant is via a currency called Renown.

    • Renown also unlocks features such as followers, pets, cosmetics, and more.

    • There will be robust catch up systems built in for alts on launch for Renown

    • Covenants have a Sanctum which is the base of operations for your Covenant.

    • Sanctums, based on your covenant, have teleportations to that Covenant's zone.

    • Theatre of Pain is last unannounced dungeon

    • Theatre of Pain has a battle royale aspect to it.

    • Castle Nathria testing (raid) will be soon

    • Mythic+ will be available in Beta

    • Legendary Runecrafting is coming.
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