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  • OwnedCore Report #111 - Classic Layering >Spondored by Eldorado<

    Layering is back in Classic WoW and retail is booming with double XP and now double reputation.

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    Layers are Back

    So if you play Classic WoW you know about the server imbalance. A ton of the popular servers either ended up completely one sided for one faction and dead the other. If they were a popular server that was even remotely balanced it was met with insane queue times. People and guilds were transferring left and right off these long queued realms and super imbalanced realms to medium pop servers with better balance. This not only has disrupted the social fabric of these medium servers but in some cases spiked their population so high it caused long queue times on popular raid nights where in the past a queue on that realm wasn't even a thought. Due to this and a ton of backlash Blizzard has re-added layering to certain realms in Classic WoW.

    For NA:

    The following realms are now layered and unavailable for paid character transfers or new players:

    Additionally, we have also restricted character creation and transfers to the Grobbulus realm.
    For EU:

    Now this has fixed most queue issues but has brought upon new issues. One being that if you were the type of player who held on to items to sell later such as Black Lotus, elemental earth, winterfall firewater, firebloom, purple lotus, and much more your net worth has plummeted. This is because now that there are two layers there is double of all these materials in the world thus tanking their price. Most people did not liquidate much of their gold especially with AQ on the horizon planning on making big cash with raid consumes. This also impacts people who just transferred with their guild but didn't bring over their alts just yet but never thought they never could. I personally know somebody who kept their gold on the old server to buy items at half cost his new server planning on bringing it all over and now cannot. Yes there are no queues but this has completely disrupted the economy for many and to others it was a gift from God because they were broke. Either way, half of the people are pissed and half are okay.


    Want to mess around on Retail? Have you not dabbled in Shadowlands yet? This is literally the perfect time to do so. Not only is it double experience so you can start preparing all the classes you want to try in Shadowlands but you also get double reputation. This means going for your BFA flying, getting your legendary cloak chain started, and most importantly getting your allied races unlocked. If you want to make a Vulpera, a Zandalari, a Kul Tiran, or anything that came to be in BFA. It is still pretty time gated even with the double reputation bonus but if you get some contracts on top of it you'll get there in no time especially with world quests!
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