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  • OwnedCore Report #107 - Corona Gaming

    Greetings OwnedCore. Hope everybody is doing well. Welcome to the 107th OC Report. The world is definitely a lot different than when the last Report was written due to the Corona Virus and due to this gaming in a sense has changed. A lot of more people are home watching TV, playing games, and doing whatever they can to keep busy. With this in mind a lot of companies have seen a major spike in players on their games. Some companies like Blizzard added a 2x XP bonus across World of Warcraft. Stay safe! What are you playing now that you're most likely working from home or home from school?

    Gaming News from Around the Globe

    2x XP in WoW

    Blizzard has added a 100% xp buff to WoW until April 20th. This works for everybody including BFA content. Best part? This buff stacks with heirlooms so if you really want to scratch the itch of a class you haven't played in a long time this is now the time.

    Sports are Closed and Gaming is In.

    Every major American sport is cancelled due to the Coronavirus. MLB, XFL, NBA, NHL, and many others. This was a tough pill to swallow for the "Worldwide leader in sports" ESPN. The sports network has now decided to air some different things in the mean time. So far we have seen professional billiards, demolition derbies, marble racing, rock skipping, and now....Tetris. The Golden Tee World Championship aired yesterday followed by the Classic Tetris World Championship from 2018. Still not entertained?! This was followed by World Axe Throwing League and Stone Skipping Competition 2019!

    If you're a sports fan this is all great news. Time to bring out the old pool stick and learn a trick shot or two you saw on TV like its 2004.

    PS4 Games work on PS5

    Big news for Sony fans and Console gamers alike. There was a Road to PS5 presentation by Sony the other day which stated that almost every PS4 game will be compatible with the next generation console. This was big because when you bought a PS4 coming from the PS3 it felt super scummy leaving all your old games behind in a newer digital age. Especially when GTA V came out like 3 months prior to the launch of PS4 and many felt obligated to get the game on both. Sony said "It expects backward-compatible games to run at a boosted frequency". This means higher and more stable frame rates and possibly higher resolutions. More updates on this specific matter will be coming soon.

    Clips of the Week

    The Speed, The Quickness

    When you watch yourself get knocked out in a video game

    100k tournament on the line....dies to a loadout box


    Is this God?
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    1. hackerlol's Avatar
      hackerlol -
      well I was getting pretty damn bored at home with the corona scare etc. but the other day Doom Eternal came out... and it's made self-quarantine a whole lot more easier ; )
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