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  • OwnedCore Report #107 - OwnedCore adds User Tagging!

    Greetings all. This week a lot of new stuff has been dropped in the gaming realm but more importantly OwnedCore has a brand new addition to the website. User Tag Notifications! This is a new and improved way to interact with each other inside the threads. I will be going into more detail below. Outside of our new addition to the website we have two major game related news. Both Call of Duty: Warzone, their new Battle Royale, and Path of Exile Delirium have come out within the last few days and are both taking off.

    User Tagging!

    Here on OwnedCore it is all about being able to communicate with each other. We have the Bawx Chat, forums, and private messaging. Even with these methods in place we felt there was something lacking within the forums themselves. If you replied to a reply within a thread the person may never know. This was a big issue because conversations within the original post happen so frequently. To fix that issue we added User Tagging. A new and improved way to alert somebody that you are trying to get in touch with them or communicate with them right here on OwnedCore. It's quite simple.

    On top of each forum post you will find an option to tag a user. (Pictures below). After clicking the Tag User button you simply just enter the members name and hit the Submit button. This will alert the member via e-mail that you are tagging them. Hopefully people use this to their advantage. It's a neat tool with a lot of communication benefits. On the flip side if you do not want to be tagged, which is your right, simply go to your profile settings and turn off e-mail notifications. Enjoy everybody!





    The first PoE season of 2020 is officially live. Delirium. This expansion makes old fights even more difficult but also rewards you with the addition of new skills to the gigantic skill tree. Along your journey you can come across the Mirror of Delirium which can be interacted with. A mist will appear nearby which spawns new monsters and existing monsters become stronger. The cool thing is the difficulty of the mist isn't streamlined in just scaled up difficulty it has all sorts of new stuff. For example the difficulty can be boss like mechanics even from old encounters from past expansions. Obviously when it comes to difficult situations that get harder and harder this also means rewards get better and better. The further you venture away from the center of the mist the more difficult things become. Don't....Get...Lost.

    But wait there's more. There's a new item type called Cluster Jewels. These are nodes inside the skill tree that you can customize. You earn these jewels in the Delirium league and attach them to a jewel socket. You're essentially creating your own skill tree by linking clusters together. These jewels have 280 random passives you can get but if you get one you don't like it is possible to re-roll them. On top of all of this there are new skills such as Kinetic Bolt.


    I know I know another Battle Royale. It's 2020 Kenneth why are we being informed of this? Well honestly this one is pretty fun and I cannot deny it any longer. This free to play Battle Royale under the Call of Duty banner feels like a hybrid between PUBG but the movement speed of Apex Legends. After you die in this Battle Royale, which turns out to be often for your boomer friend Kenneth, you enter a new mechanic called the Gulag. Inside the Gulag you wait and watch other dead players face off against each other in a 1v1. Eventually's your turn. The winner of the duel gets a 2nd chance at life and the loser is out. The kicker is this can only happen to you once per game. Personally I think this is the most fun aspect of the whole game. Like other BR's there are ways to respawn your teamates, in this one quests, but the Gulag just adds that extra spice if you will.

    Alongside Warzone is another mode called Plunder. This one isn't getting the same hype as the Battle Royale but it is low key a gem. Plunder has 102 players split up in teams of 3. You compete to be the first squad to earn $1 million or be at the top income after 30 minutes. You earn cash via contracts, pickups, looting, and more. The big kicker is this BR mode is respawn-mode. That's right, you die you come back like Team Deathmatch style. When you earn cash you can deposit it by buying a extraction balloon. You place the balloon down and wait for a helicopter to come grab it. Obviously this makes your squad quite a target because people want to take your balloon money for themselves. This Mode also uses the same map as Warzone which sounds like a bad thing but for a new game is kinda nice because you learn the map in one and can take that knowledge right into the other. In fact Plunder might be a better starter game not only because of respawning but because it helps you learn the map quicker via contracts. In Warzone you tend to tip toe around and learn the map at a stealth-like pace but in a game where you are on the clock to make cash you tend to move quite a bit quicker.

    Clips of the Week

    This is the future I guess?

    San Francisco is a scary place indeed

    The best weapon in a BR is in fact a car

    Big Mistake

    He didnt know!
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