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  • OwnedCore Report #106 - Diablo 4, WoW Classic, and more!

    Tons of news since our last Report. In this weeks article we will be covering the first Diablo 4 quarterly update, WoW Classic getting AB/ZG soon, WoW Classic China receiving WoW tokens, and more.

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    Gaming News

    Zul'Gurub and Arathi Basin!

    3 Days ago we got word that new Classic WoW content is on the way. This is great news because even though BWL just launched about a month ago now it already is starting to feel like MC all over again with it being so simple. Zul'Gurub, like Dire Maul, will serve as a nice way to break up the content your doing and add more things to do overall. One great thing about ZG is it helps gear players who are in guilds that may not be able to full clear BWL. And yes this is a thing. Also for players who clear BWL regularly there are still great BIS pieces to be had. For Hunters there is the Renataki's Charm of Beasts trinket, for casters there is the Bloodvine pieces which give you a ton of hit % , and even healers have stuff to obtain like the Jin'do's Evil Eye . Above all of these BIS pieces there is something every player in WoW history has drooled over and that is the BIS mount Swift Zulian Tiger. Don't forget ZG is also only a 20 man raid on a 48 hour reset so this will give hardcore players something to really fill up their time with.

    Don't care about ZG? Well how about some Dragon bosses. Right now we have Azuregos and Kazzak but with this patch we will get the 4 Green dragons also added into the pool. Emeriss, Lethon, Taerar, and the lovely Ysondre (Legion Spoiler but RIP). Some notable drops from these bosses are the Deviate Growth Cap , Staff of Rampant Growth, and Hammer of Bestial Fury . The loot tables include something for everybody!

    Still don't care about ZG OR WORLD BOSSES? Well how about the best BG of all time? Arathi Basin is coming even earlier than ZG. Save the date because March 10th is going to be a blood bath on the field of Arathi. Ninja caps, huge fights at farm, blacksmith, and stables, and slowfalls off of lumbermill will be had. Arathi Basin is a great change of pace for anybody into PvP that has been grinding Warsong Gulch non stop. This is the last battleground being added to the pool of BG's in Classic WoW.

    The WoW Token has come to Classic WoW....China

    Do not be afraid because this will most likely never happen in the western market of EU and NA but nonetheless it is a very interesting move. According to the official announcement they added the feature because

    We heard feedback from players saying that they want to buy game coins in a safe and legitimate manner, rather than through an unauthorized third-party gold exchange service-this is also one of the main reasons for problems with player accounts. We also learned that players who have obtained a lot of gold coins through the normal game flow also want to trade with other players in order to exchange game time and reduce their own recharge time. The "World of Warcraft" time badge feature allows both players to conduct transactions in a safe and straightforward manner. This also opens up a new payment option for World of Warcraft players, hoping that it will reduce problems with account numbers and improve the overall gaming experience.
    Now keep in mind Blizzard doesn't really operate WoW China the same as it operates rest of the servers. In fact rumor is Blizzard barely controls it at all and another company does. Nonetheless people have been talking about this since it has hit the news and every content creator has made a video on it. What would WoW Tokens do to Classic WoW if they did hit our servers as well? For starters gear would be basically bought. There was a viral video going around after this announcement of a Chinese GDKP raid (which is basically bid on the drops with your gold) and the Staff of Nefarian went for 12,000 gold. Now technically gold doesn't inflate because of WoW tokens due to how it works. For you to buy gold that gold has to already exist on the server because somebody has to buy the token you bought. Regardless it creates a short cut for people who don't want to grind or don't have the time to grind and that was one of the biggest differences in WoW back in the day and the current version. Now Chinese players tend to play in short spans at cyber cafe's so to hear they wanted something like this doesn't come all to surprising. It is just a different style of gaming over there. If it did hit the west I could only wonder how bad that would damage any future expansions such as TBC and WOTLK because all trust would be lost in Blizzard at that point.


    There was a lot of news this week about Diablo both gaming and television. Remember that old rumor that Diablo was getting a Netflix series? It hasn't really had any new news since those initial rumors until recently. This leak comes via a LinkedIn page which is basically a popular online resume social media that many people in all sorts of industries use. Co-President of Activision Blizzard Nick Van Dyk added "Executive producer of Diablo, a TV adaptation of Blizzard Entertainment's IP, rendered in anime style. The show is currently in pre=production for distribution worldwide through Netflix. " to his profile. This has since been taken down but thanks to Youtuber Rhykker we got a screen grab from his video covering the same topic.

    This is very very interesting especially because it says anime style which makes me think of Netflix's recent anime success Castlevania. Actually might be super similar to that not only in style but its dark and gritty features. But wait there is more! In the same video Rhykker shows this second leak in the same LinkedIn profile.

    I can't say I am surprised that Overwatch will be getting its own series with how much they push the lore in that game. They truly do want it to be their new IP over our beloved Warcraft. Why did Warcraft get a weirdly made movie when we a well animated series would have been much cooler!

    Also in Diablo news we got our first quarterly update on Diablo 4! With it came news on UI Design, Controller Support, Monster design, and more.

    • After feedback from Blizzcon they are making some changes and not making others.

    - There will not be different sized items in the inventory. Meaning rings, weapons, and armor will all take up one node.
    - Item icons will be changed to make them more natural texture and realistic

    • Rebinding Left-Click

    - Turns out a lot of people wanted the option to rebind the primary skill to something other than left mouse button so Blizzard will be adding more flexibility to their binding options.

    • Controller Support

    - They are designing this game simultaneously for both PC and consoles but want to make sure controller support on PC is also a thing. A lot of people are super skeptical about this because when you design a PC game to also be on console it tends to dumb down its skill ceiling and also how much you can put in the game.

    No talk about mechanics and talent trees in this quarterly update sadly. I don't know if I am the only one but this game feels more like a Diablo 3 expansion rather than a the next great ARPG. Don't color me convinced just yet.

    Clips of the Week

    Michael Jordan acknowledging he just created another crying meme at Kobe Bryants celebration of life

    When the monitor switch team reminds you of an F1 pit stop.

    When you're so good at a game you smurf on professionals

    When it turns out you raged at a little girl

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