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  • OwnedCore Report #99 - ExileCon >Sponsored by BlazingBoost<

    Welcome to the 99th Report! We skipped last week due to a lack of any news I felt would pertain to the audience here. This week though we have ExileCon! The very first of its kind and with it came a ton of new announcements that seem really fun. I'll break it down below.

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    Gaming News from Around the Globe


    This is Path of Exile 2. ExileCon's flagship announcement at ExileCon. Path of Exile 2 is going to come with a ton of new features including a new campaign, a new gem system, 19 new ascendancy choices, and more. Path of Exile has been dominating the ARPG space for quite some time. The game is a little more difficult and definitely has a higher learning curve but it is well known as Diablo 2's true successor.

    New Campaign

    So in Path of Exile 1 there is a campaign with acts and a polished end game. Over many leagues there have been balance changes, additions and removals, and much more to the game but nothing will be as big as what Path of Exile 2's new campaign is offering. For starters it is getting a gigantic graphic overhaul. This also means all old MTX you have bought will be updated to the new Path of Exile 2. See Path of Exile 2 will be the same game as PoE 1. In fact it is going to run alongside it on the same client. Want to play the old campaign before end game? That is your choice. PoE 1 will not be receiving the graphic overhaul though keep in mind. But what if your friends are playing on PoE 2 and you want to play on PoE 1's campaign? This is okay. In fact once you are done with your campaign and move on to maps you can play with them, trade with them, and have basically full access to all public networks. The downside is you cannot interact, trade, or anything with people leveling via the other campaign. One thing they also stressed is that they want to make the game harder and go back to the roots. This was shown in more detail in the gameplay reveal where one of the early bosses looked more mechanically difficult than some end game bosses in the PoE 1 campaign. Path of Exile was a slow burner for many years but has definitely sped up since. Chris Wilson, creator of Path of Exile, said they want to go back to the old difficulty. Many found this great.

    New Gem System

    Gems in Path of Exile are your skills. Gems go inside armor and weapons that you find on the ground. The gems are of a certain color and can only be put into slots matching that color. Anybody can use any gem though. In Path of Exile there is no true classes which opens the door for a ton of creativity. This new gem system is adding a completely new interface to help combat some of the gem systems current issues. In PoE 1 dealing with gems every time you upgraded a piece of gear proved to be clunky. Now there is a completely new interface that you slot your gems in that way when you find a new piece of gear the interface is automatically applied.

    19 New Ascendancy

    Ascendancies are the classes of Path of Exile to put it simply. In the game right now there are 19 ascendancies but in PoE 2 they are adding 19 more. Some of them were revealed and more will be revealed later on in 2020. Shapeshifting, melee bow users, and more were some of the featured ascendancy choices. Definitely a huge addition to the game.

    Along with 3.9 their newest league another hot announcement was Path of Exile mobile.

    This came with some hilarious clips which I'll put right here.

    Shots fired 1

    Shots Fired 2

    GGG Best Developers confirmed

    Clips of the Week

    This weeks theme will be strictly Phase 2 World of Warcraft!

    Abducting a Horde to be judged

    Clean 3v1 by Venruki

    Swifty is not being healed

    Ez escape

    How to PvP
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