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    Blizzcon is this coming weekend and we have gotten quite a few leaks already as to what we might see announced by Blizzard in 2019. For months we have seen WoW expansion leaks which is typical when we are nearing the end of a current expansion but this time there definitely seemed to be an influx. Most recently we got what is advertised leaks of promotional material at Blizzcon for the new expansion which definitely makes it more juicy and believable but in the end it can all be faked. Also ESPN has reported that Overwatch 2 will also be announced at Blizzcon. This is something we have covered in a past Report as a rumored announcement for Blizzard. All of this will be covered and more down below!

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    Gaming News from Around the Globe


    The picture above was leaked this past weekend as promotional material for Blizzard's new World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands. As we can see in the picture, if this expansion is actually real, Bolvar will be making a return. The Lich King glass will have been broken just like Illidan's. Meme's aside though this expansion has been leaked before on 4Chan. I went back and looked at what that expansion leak, who also titled it Shadowlands, said what was in store for the expansion. Maybe this leak was right all along. Most expansions actually are leaked it is just hard to figure out which of the dozens of leaks are real. Since only 1 named the expansion Shadowlands and now these promotional material also call it Shadowlands I can't help but think what this person said was in store might be the truth. So these things I am about to list are possible spoilers but could also be completely pointless.

    - Black Empire will rise in Azeroth and N'zoth has been redirecting souls to the Shadowlands. A land where spirits of mortals go when they die aka the gray tinted world you're in when you run back to your body in WoW.

    - A war is going on between Death's Vanguard (Elune, Helya, and more) and the Old God's.

    - Lich King Bolvar takes player to Shadowlands while Sylvanas wages war in Helya's name.

    - Two new continents: Dragon Isles and Shadowlands

    - New Class: Tinker DPS which wears mail and uses turrets, bombs, and "Ghostbuster themed abilities". Will also include a healer and tank spec.

    - New Scaling tech that replaces a stat squish.

    - Secondary talent system where players reunite with fallen heroes and villains

    - Sylvanas will take over Stormwind by end of BFA and first raid of Shadowlands will be to take it back including an escort siege boss where you escort a siege tank across Elwynn Forest to the front of Stormwind. Raid will be different for each faction. Bolvar sides with Alliance not knowing the Horde are against Sylvanas and he kills Lor'themar Theron. In retaliation the Horde side again with Sylvanas to take down Lich King. Everybody dies and we all enter the Shadowlands.

    Here are some more pictures of former and current leaks of this expansion.

    Overwatch 2

    ESPN reports that a new Overwatch will be announced at Blizzcon. As mentioned above this is actually something that has been rumored to be announced since last Spring. The original rumor included how this was going to be PVE focused with a very Left 4 Dead esque playstyle. Also people said this was happening because of the new generation consoles and will be made with them in mind. As we have seen recently the Playstation 5 model has been shown off a little bit and clearly we are getting these next gen consoles very soon. In the article ESPN states:

    - 4 Player Story mode mission experiencing a set in Rio De Janeiro

    - Much focus will be on story and narrative elements

    - A new map mode called Push will be added with a new map based in Toronto

    - Role queue and role lock caps will be added

    - PvE and game modes are expected to be playable at BlizzCon

    - More on Overwatch League for Overwatch 2

    Overall definitely seems like they are trying to build more of a foundation on Overwatch's lore with this style of game. I think long term this is very smart because look at how well Warcraft games sell just based on the IP. If they can get Overwatch to be almost a modern day Warcraft as far as lore, story, and experience goes than maybe they can use this IP for a ton of new games.

    Clips of the Week


    Animal Abuse!

    That mic though

    A Cheeseburger in Hungary
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